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Mit dem Track "Markus & Shahzad – Vekha Amlan Wale" vom Project #RadioMuse.

Markus is a french oud player who became friend on a social network with Shahzad Santoo Khan, a pakistani traditional sufi musician from a family of Qawali. After two years of sending each other tunes online, they finally met for a first gig in France and never stopped playing together since, making a unique blend of electronic western sonorities and traditional eastern singing.

Nivhek - Walking in a spiral towards the house [Yellow Electric]
Bridget Hayden - Cherry Tree [Crow versus Crow]
Tajak - En el Centro de la Sierra [buh]
Oren Ambarchi - Palm Sugar Candy [Editions Mego]
TRjj - Emulation Of History Theft Made You Over [Stroom]
Holy Similaun - R-E-S [OOH]
1127 - renaissance (coucou chloe edit)
Wesqk Coast - Tek / Ruby Gate (Twin Peaks Edit) [OOH]