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Nov. II

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History in dancemusic by Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

ADAM&THE ANTS"Kings Of The Wild Frontier"(First Version)
DEPECHE MODE"Puppets"(Electrify Er Edit/2014)
NEON"Informations Of Death"(7"/1980/Urgent)
LIAN ROSS"Fantasy"(GR)
DIRT CREW"Break 3000"(12"/Fix/2005/Dirt004)
MAHMOUD EL TURKY"Ykhwi"(Exclusive Version/2017)
SPANDAU BALLET"To Cut A Long Story Short"(7"/Version/1980)
THELMA HOUSTON"Dont Know Why I Love You"(GR)
LINDA G. THOMPSON"Ooh What A Night"(7"/Part 1/1975/Jupiter)
WHITNEY HOUSTON"How Will I Know"(Ultimix)
DAVE STEWART&BARBARA GASKIN"Its My Party"(7"/1981/Stiff)
THE CURE"Love Cats"(Special Disco Version)
VIVIAN VEE"Give Me A Break"(12"/Wild Mix By Ben Liebrand/1988)
JERRY GOLDSMITH/Bernard Hermann"The Murder"(LP/OST/"Psycho II"/1983)
WATERFRONT HOME"Take A Chance On Me"(Dj Ozyboy 2k16 Edit)
THE HACKER"It Was Tomorrow"(EP/"Art Et Industries"/2006/Different)
LEROY GOMEZ"Little Girl"(LP/"I Got It Bad"/1979/Casablanca)
ULTRA NATE"Its Over Now"(Tony Humphries Mix)
GOODY GOODY(LP/Vincent Montana, Jr. Presents/1978)
NATURE ZONE"Porcupine"(Sonny Dj 2020 Reconstruction)
HAZELL DEAN"Searchin(I Gotta Find A Man)"(12"/Remixed By Ian Levine/TSR)
AMI MARIE"Sonnenschein"
STEFFANO GAMMA THE FEATURING"Make It Better"(12"/Gamma Full Vocal/2000/Equal)
LINDA CLFFORD"Runaway Love"(Ext. Rework Monster Groove Edit)
GQ"Disco Nights(Rock Freak)(EP/VA/Digital Edit By Chris Cox/Hot Classics)