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This is the sound of the early 80ies made in italy!Remember?
Italians do it better!!!

1)MR.FLAGIO"Take A Chance"(12"/Vocal Version/1983/ZYX)
2)INTERFACE"Plastic Age"(12"/Male Vocal Mix/1987/ZYX)
3)GAZEBO"I Like Chopin"(LP/Long Version/1983/Baby)
4)K.BARRE"Right By The Moon"(12"/Vocal/1984/ZYX)
5)MIKO MISSION"The World Is You"(12"/Singers Mix/1984/ZYX)
6)KLAPTO"Mister Game"(12"/Spec.Scratch-Remix/1983/Durium)
7)RAFF"Self Control"(12"/Hot Tracks Version/1984)
8)XENON"Symphony"(12"/Versione Dance/1984/Xenon)
9)VIVIEN VEE"Heartbeat"(12"/One Two Three Mix/1987/ZYX)
10)ALEPH"Fire On The Moon"(12"/Long Version/1986/ZYX)
11)NATASHA KING"AM-FM"(12"/Rap-Spec.Remix By Ben Liebrand/
1983/Baby Records)

12)KIRLIAN CAMERA"Blue Room"(2xLP/V.A./Instrumental/
"Confuzed Disco"/Re-Issue/Irma Records)
13)BIZZY & CO"Take A Chance"(12"/Long Version/1982/Baby)
14)DOCTOR´S CAT"Watch Out"(12"/Vocal/1983/ZYX)
15)SABRINA"Boys(Summertime Love)"(12"/Dub Version/87/Chic)
16)WALTER GATE"Call Me Love"(12"/Vocal V./New York Records)
17)CITY CENTER"Profondo Rosso"(12"/Disco Mix/DiscoMagic)
18)HYPNOSIS"Astrodance"(12"/Computer Remix/1984/ZYX)
19)FAXE"Time For Changes"(12"/Disco Mix/Memory Records)
20)MIKE CANNON"Voices In The Dark"(12"/Instr./1983/ZYX)
21)SANDY MARTON"People From Ibiza"(12"/Ibiza Remix/1984)
22)CASCO"Cybernetic Love"(12"/Vocal Disco Mix/1983/House
Of Music)
23)CLAUDIO SIMONETTI"I Love The Piano"(12"/Long V./1983/
24)DISCO CONNECTION"Rock Your Baby"(12"/Disco V./1982/ZYX)
25)SCOTCH"Penguins´Invasion"(3xLP/V.A./"The Best Of Italo-
Disco Vol.II"/1984/ZYX)

Yellow Vinyl)
27)SAVAGE"Don´t Cry Tonight"(12"/Long V./1983/ZYX)
28)MARX & SPENCER"Stay"(12"/Matiz-Remix/1986/ZYX)
29)SIMONETTI/PIGNATELLI/MURANTE"Flashing"(12"/Long V./1982)
30)CLAUDIO SIMONETTI"Demon"(12"/Ext.Version/1985)
31)FUN FUN"Happy Station"(12"/Club Mix/1983)
32)KEN LASZLO"Hey Hey Guy"(12"/Spec.Nunk Remix/1984/Memory)
33)DEN HARROW"To Meet Me"(12"/Hurricane Mix/1986/ZYX)
34)SCOTCH"Disco Band"(12"/Vocal/1984/ZYX)
35)KOTO"Chinese Revenge"(12"/Long V./1983/ZYX)
36)RYAN PARIS"Dolce Vita"(12"/Long Version/1983)
37)B.B.&BAND"All Night Long"(12"/Long Version/1982)

1)THE WIZARD OF GORE(USA1970/R:H.G.Lewis/mit Ray Sager,
Judy Cler)
2)DER BLAUE ENGEL(D1930/R:Josef von Sternberg/mit Marlene
Dietrich, Emil Jannings, Hans Albers)
3)CRIMES OF PASSION(China Blue)(USA1984/R:Ken Russell/mit
Kahtleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, John Loughlin)
4)DRESSED TO KILL(USA1980/R:Brian De Palma/mit Michael
Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen, Keith Gordon)
5)EMANUELLE IN AMERICA(Emanuelle Nera In America aka Black
Emanuelle-Stunden wilder Lust)(I1976/R:Joe D'Amato/mit
Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti)
6)THE LAST REMAKE OF BEAU GESTE(Drei Fremdenlegionäre)
(USA1977/R:Marty Feldman/mit Marty Feldman, Michael York,
Ann-Margret, Peter Ustinov)
7)BRIGADE MONDAINE(Give Me Love)(F1978/R:Jacques Scandelari/
mit Patric Valota, Odile Michel, Florence Cayrol)
8)HANNIBAL(USA,GB2001/R:Ridley Scott/mit Anthony Hopkins,
Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore)
9)I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER(Ich weiß, was du letzten
Sommer getan hast)(USA1997/R:Jim Gillespie/mit Jennifer
Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillippe)
10)LE BAL(F1983/R:Ettore Scola/mit Etienne Guichard, Regis
Bouquet, Francesco De Rosa)
11)MUNSTER, GO HOME!(Die Frankenstein-Familie)(USA1966/
R:Earl Bellamy/mit Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis,
Butch Patrick, David Carradine)
12)PATRICK VIVE ANCORA(Patrick lebt!)(I1980/R:Mario Landi/
mit Sascha Pitoeff, Gianni Dei, Mariangela Giordani)
13)SLEEPER(Der Schläfer)(USA1973/R:Woody Allen/mit Diane
Keaton, Woody Allen, John Beck)
14)MACCHIE SOLARI(Autopsie-Hospital der lebenden Leichen
aka The Victim)(I1975/R:Armando Crispino/mit Mimsy Farmer,
Barry Primus, Ray Lovelock)
15)PROFONDO ROSSO(Deep Red)(I1975/R:Dario Argento/mit
David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi, Gabriele Lowie)
mit Ray Dannis, James Westmoreland)