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Hot April Disco Nights very special guest PAUL RAAL (Vice/Wellental) Dont miss this extra extra ItaloDiscoMix of Bongo Vienna Psssthe DJ

My playlist:
1)DAVID RUFFIN"Discover Me"(LP/"Everythings Coming Up Love"/1976/Motown)
2)AJDA"Yeni Bir Guen Dogdu Bize"(LP/"Sueper Star"/1977)
3)JOE BATAAN & THE MESTIZO BAND"Rock Me All Night Long/I See You Hiney"(LP/
"Rap-O Clap-O"/1980/Salsoul)
4)LTD"Back In Love Again"(12"/Different Version/Clock Records)
5)SPHINX"Judas Iscariot"(LP/1977)
6)REAL THING"Boogie Down(Get Funky Now)"(12"/Spec. US Disco Mix By John Luongo &
7)HYPNOSIS"End Title(Blade Runner)"(12"/Re-Edit/2007/Cow2)
8)ANNE MARIE"Give Me What I Want"(LP/"Anne Marie II"/1979/RioRecords)
9)THP"Who Do You Love"(LP/"Good To Me"/1979)
10)SYL JOHNSON"Mystery Lady"(12"/Long Version/1979/Cream)
11)PONY EXPRESS"Smoke Me"(12"/Re-Edit/2007/Cow3)
12)HORST LUBITZ"Its A Beautiful Day"(LP/"Follow Me"/1977)

13)NORMAN CONNORS Ft.ADARITHA"Take It To The Limit"(12"/Long Version/1980)
14)B & G RHYTHM(12"/Long Version/1978)
15)BLACK SUN"Black Sun(Youve Broken My Heart)"(12"-Version/Buddah)
16)DONNA SUMMER"Try Me, I Know We Can Make It/I Feel Love/Our Love"(12")
17)ARK RAIDERS(EP/V.A./"Razor Sharp Edits 1"/T.Tauri Edit/2008/BeardScience)
18)LOOSE CHANGE"Straight From The Heart"(12"/Long Version/1979/Casablanca)
19)V.A."Attack Of The Disco Queens"(12"/Mix By Stephen L.Freeman/Incl. Lime, Kelly
Marie, Donna Summer, Hazel Dean, Sylvester.../Hot Tracks)
20)AMANDA LEAR"Rockin Rollin(I Hear You Nagging)"(LP/"Diamonds For Breakfast"/80)
21)D.C.LaRUE"So Much For L.A."(LP/"Star, Baby"/1980/Casablanca)
22)"Take A Chance"(EP/V.A./Remix/J.V.S.Records, Inc./A Disco Classic)
23)SWEET JAM"Pick Up The Pieces 2000"(12"/Long Seventies Mix)

This is the Italo-Disco Playlist of Mr.PAUL RAAL:

1)SMALLS BROTHERS"Adam's Theme"(LP/"Battlestar Galactica"1978)
2)CUBE"Somebody Told Me"(12"/1982)
3)DEN HARROW"Mad Desire"(12"/1984)
4)GIAK"Inside You"(12"/1983)
6)MARTINELLI"Voice In The Night"(12"/Instr.Version/1983)
7)RAFF"Running Away"(12"/1984)
8)WITCH ELIZABETH"My Destiny"(12"/1983)
9)MONTE KRISTO"Girl Of Lucifer"(12"/1986)
11)FUN FUN"Give Me Your Love"(12"/1984)
12)CYBER PEOPLE"Void Vision"(12"/1984)
13)KEN LASZLO"Tonight"(12"/1985)
14)MAX HIM"Melanie"(12"/Remix)
15)DHARMA"Plastic Doll"(12"/1982)
16)MR.FLAGIO"Take A Chance"(12"/1983)
17)LA BIONDA"Bandido"(12"/Disco Remix/1979)
18)SPHINX"When I'm In Love"(LP/1983)
20)PHAELAX"Talk About"(12"/Remix/HighFashion)
21)DAVID LANG"Tomboy"(12"/1987)

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