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ELECTRIC TABOU - The Broken Dreams Of Berlin Vol.3:

ELECTRIC TABOU - The Broken Dreams Of Berlin Vol.3(17th/18th Feb.09) midnight

Now Its Dark - Electric Tabou Presents the 3rd Part of the BROKEN DREAMS
OF BERLIN: midnight

1)WIRE"Indirect Inquiries"(LP/"154"/4MenWithBeards)
2)LANDSCAPE"From The Tea-Rooms Of Mars...To The Hell-Holes Of
3)THE HUMAN LEAGUE"The Lebanon"(LP/"Hysteria"/Long V./1984)
4)DEAD KENNEDYS"Life Sentence"(12"/1982/Statik-AlternativeTentacles)
5)THE PASSAGE"brd usa ddr jfk"(LP/"Enflame"/1983/CherryRed)
6)TOYAH"Thunder In The Mountains"(12"/1981/Safari)
7)HE SAID"To & Fro"(12"/1986/Mute)
8)POP STARS Presents:"KDM"(12"/A/"Pop Stars Vol.2")
9)J.J.BURNELL"Crabs"(LP/"Euromen Cometh"/1979)
10)UNKNOWN GENDER"Dictator"(LP/"Electric Kiss"/1984/Exil)
11)RONNY"Me To Stay"(12"/Full Length Version/1982)
12)THE CURE"Splintered In Her Head"(12"/1981/Fiction)
13)a;GRUMH..."Hapeople"(LP/"No Way Out"/Face)
14)KING OF JAPAN"In The Year 2525"(LP/"Future Of Mankind"/2008/
15)PATRICK COWLEY"X-Factor"(LP/"Menergy-The Album"/81/Megatone)
16)YOKO ONO"Walking On Thin Ice"(2xEP/V.A./"Robot Dancing Vol.1"/

17)LIME"Unexpected Lovers"(12"/Long Version/1985/Matra)
18)DEPECHE MODE"Love In Itself.3"(12"-Version/1983/Mute)
19)ADAM AND THE ANTS"Cartrouble(Parts 1&2)"(LP/"Dirk Wears White
20)UNKNOWN GENDER"Either Yes Or No"(LP/"Electric Kiss"/1984/Exil)
21)GARY NUMAN"M.E."(LP/"Living Ornaments 80"/BeggarsBanquet)
22)CHRISTIAN DEATH"Church Of No Return"(12"/1988/Normal)
23)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Poppy Day"(LP/"Join Hands"/1979)
24)J.J.BURNELL"Freddie Laker"(LP/"Euromen Cometh"/1979)
25)a;GRUMH..."Hitoy(Modern Languages)"(LP/"No Way Out"/Face)
26)VICE SQUAD"New Blood"(12"/Version/1983/Anagram-CherryRed)
27)THE ASSOCIATES"The Affectionate Punch"(LP/1982/Fiction)
28)SECRET SERVICE"Flash In The Night"(12"/1981)
29)B.MOVIE"Scare Some Life Into Me"(12"/Long V./1982/SomeBizzare)
30)ANNE CLARK"Our Darkness"(12"/Remix/1984)
31)MARTHA & THE MUFFINS"Terminal Twilight"(LP/"Metro Music"/
32)KING OF JAPAN"Love Makes You Crazy"(LP/"Future Of Mankind")
33)LANDSCAPE"New Religion"(LP/"From The Tea-Rooms...")

34)EARTHA KITT"Jonny, wenn Du Geburtstag hast"(2xLP/"Songs")
35)ROBERT FRIPP"Exposure"(LP/1979)
36)TUBEWAY ARMY/GARY NUMAN"Down In The Park"(LP/"Replicas"/
38)V.A."The JDC Mixer Volume 2"(12"/Incl.Purple Flash, Samanth Gilles,
Rofo/Mixed By Julian Hielscher/JDC)
39)MINIMAL MAN"Touch"(EP/1985/BIAS)
40)PROPAGANDA"The Murder Of Love"(LP/"A Secret Wish"/1985/ZTT)
41)LENE LOVICH"Rocky Road"(LP/"No Mans Land"/1982/Stiff)
42)TOM ROBINSON"Tango an der Wand"(LP/V.A./"Das neue deutsche
43)NINA HAGEN"My Way"(LP/"Nina Hagen In Ekstasy"/1985)
44)PUBLIC IMAGE LTD."Second Edition"(2xLP/D1/1979)
45)MODERN ENGLISH"Chapter 12"(12"/1984/4A.D.)
46)DEAD OR ALIVE"Id Do Anything"(12"/Megamix/1983)
47)PIERRE HENRY"Teen Tonic"(LP/"Messe Pour Le Temps Present...")
48)SUICIDE"Dream Baby Dream"(2xLP/V.A./"Mutant Disco Volume 3:
Garage Sale"/Long Version/1979/ZE Records)
49)BRIAN ENO"Sparrowfall(2)"(LP/"Music For Films"/1978)
50)DEAD CAN DANCE"In The Wake Of Adversity"(LP/"Within The Realm
Of A Diving Sun"/1987/4A.D.)