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Otto Martin Fuchs

Otto Martin Fuchs
Otto Fuchs started to dive out in a teenage domianted rockin´ scene in Austria, back in the early 1990s. He became the youngest staff writer for a German music magazine, dedicated to the first era from Rock & Roll, roughly lasting from 1954 - 1963 - "Rock & Roll Musik Magazin" (Est. 1977). His love for Rockabilly and Roots Rock & Roll led him to London in 1997, then known as Rockabilly Capital in the world - most prominently the era of Camden Town. Otto dived into the rockin´ scene of Hepcats, Teds, and other crazy rockin´ folk. Living the lifestyle for two years to the most!
After his return to Austria he began working on a Bill Haley Biography, which is available in two volumes on Books on Demand. His work was published also in "Dynamite", "Slam Bam", "Stompin´ News", "UK Rock & Roll Magazine", "Vintage Rock" and "At The Hop".
He hosts “Keep On Rockin´- “Hits, Misses, Odds & Ends, New Beginnings” on Radio Orange 94,0 dedicated to Roots Rock & Roll and Rockabilly.


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