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Project Description

The Radio project Signal of hackerspaces.org came online August 2010 and is an international collective of radio producers connected to the hackerspaces community. Currently there are seven shows mostly occurring monthly made by volunteers from Europe and America. The topics range from political issues of digital civil rights, news in the field of technology, education and language courses.

All shows can be found at http://signal.hackerspaces.org

The aim of the project is to connect hackerspaces with the wider public and each other. We want to spread understanding about the concept of hacking as the creative and empowering usage of technology, biology, politics or other fields. All shows produced on Signal are under the Creative Commons license as is the music played between the shows. There are no advertisement partnerships and there is no funding from private business or government.

Our approach is very similar to free radio stations because the project is fully carried out by volunteers without professional radio experience and we are open for people to join and produce their own shows on our channel. Therefore we are seeking synergies and offering our shows to free radio stations.

Ruffly one out of fours shows from Signal get's produced and broadcasted for Radio Orange. The other episodes and shows are broadcasted on the internet every Thursday between 22:00 and 0:00 C(E)ST and can be found in the archives.

Hacking and Hackerspaces

Hacking is the process of understanding and potentially modifying a given device, system or structure. In this sense Hacking does not mean crossing any border within legal restrictions, more is it a concept of universal education outside of passive consumer culture. Communities related to the Hacker concept have proved to a be strong activist force for freedom of speech, democracy and anti-censorship (e.g. Electronic Frontier Foundation, Chaos Computer Club, WikiLeaks).

Hackerspaces are community laboratories for innovation. They can be seen as workshops, education facilities or machine shops. There exist around 250 of them on five continents.

Sprache: English
Räumlichkeit: internetz
Zeitlichkeit: future

Eine Sendereihe von: Thomas Lohninger, Koen Martens

Sonntag 30.12.2012 14:00 - 16:00
Spezial - großer Hackercongress des CCC
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