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INSIDE MY LOVE ... Glamorous Soul Music

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Sheree Brown; IT'S A PLEASURE; (03:57) album: Straight Ahead, Capitol (1981)

Paul Kelly ; WRAPPED UP IN YOUR LOVE; (04:21) album: Don't Burn Me, Warner Bros (1973)

Joe Bataan; ORDINARY GUY (AFROFILIPINO); (04:49) album: Afrofilipino, Salsoul (1975)

Ben Sidran; LUST; (03:40) album: I Lead a Life, Blue Thumb (1973)

Cuba Golding; AIN'T NOTHING TO IT; (03:43) album: The 1st Album, Motown (1977)

Inner Spectrum; DON'T SEND NOBODY ELSE; (03:57) album: Ace Spectrum, Atlantic (1974)

Ben Sidran; IT DON'T PAY TO WORRY LIKE THAT; (03:27) album: I Lead a Life (1973)

Johny Nash; THE EDGE OF LOVE; (03:27) album: Tears on My Pillow, CBS (1975)

George Benson; GONNA LOVE YOU MORE; (04:30) album: In Flight, Warner Bros. (1975)

Inner Spectrum; EASY; (03:56) album: Ace Spectrum , Atlantic (1974)

Lamont Dozier; TEAR DOWN THE WALLS; (03:56) album: Peddlin' Music on the Side, Warner Bros. (1977)

First Choice; YES, MAYBE NO ; (02:46) album: So Let Us Entertain You, Warner Bros. (1976)

Caesar Frazier; I GOT TO HAVE YOUR LOVE; (04:02) album: Another Live, Westbound (1978

Minnie Riperton; INSIDE MY LOVE; (03:57) album: Adventures in Paradise, Capitol (1975)

Gene Dunlap; BEFORE YOU BREAK MY HEART; (06:02) album: It's Just The Way I Feel, Captiol (1981)

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