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Joy for Dancers Propelled by Afro-Caribbean Rhythms

Enjoy Alexander Ach Schuh's very special mix for your listening and dancing pleasure. Expect the best music produced in the last 20 years rooted in joy, spirit and energy of the varied Afro-Caribbean tradition. Is it Jazz? Is it Latin? Is it Soul? Defenitly it is acid for dancers.

(1) CaboCubaJazz; CORASON AFRICANO feat. Boy Gé Mendes (Gérard Mendes) (05:35); album: Corason Africano, Produced by Kabir Sehgal. Timbazo Productions, Matos Music MM/TBP17005 (2017)
(2) Grupo X; BRAND NEW LOVE feat. Lisa Millett (05:21); album: X-Posure Loft Recordings ‎– LOFTCD001 (2001)
(3) Patato, Changuito Y Orestes; DESDE EL FONDO DEL RIO (Patato, Changuito Y Orestes) (07:14); album: Ritmo y Candela - Rhythm at the Crossroads, Tonga ‎– TNGCD 7300 (1995)
(4) Francisco Aguabella; SENTIMIENTO DE UN LATINO (Luis "Perico" Ortiz ) (08:26); album: Agua De Cuba, CuBop ‎– CBCD 018 (1999)
(5) Nils Fischer Y Timbazo; PALO PA’ CHANGUITO feat. Lucrecia & Changuito & Alexander Abreu (02:24); album: Rumberos a Montón, Sireena Records ‎– SIS5105 (2015)
(6) Horacio El Negro Hernandez & Bobby Ameen; 3 FOR AFRICA (John Beasley, Robby Ameen, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez) (06:28); album: El Negro And Robby At The Third World War, American Clavé ‎– AMCL 1031 (2005)
(7) William Cepeda; PA’ MI CUEMBE (06:40); Afrorican Jazz - My Roots And Beyond, Blue Jackel Entertainment ‎– BJAC 5028-2 (2007)
(8) Eliel Lazo; UN GALLEGO EN LA HABANA (06:20); album: El Conguero, Sundance ‎– STUCD 10182 (2010)
(8) Snowboy; EL CAMPEON DEL MAMBO (06:13); album: Afro Cuban Jazz, CuBop ‎– CBLP 026 (2000)
(10) Raphael Sebbag; VIENTO MISTERIO (06:07); album: El Fantasma De La Libertad, Power Shove Audio. Produces by Mitsukuni Murayama and Raphael form the UNITED FUTURE ORGANIZATION (U.F.O.) (2008)

Sprache: Portuguese, Spanish

Eine Sendereihe von: Alexander Schuh

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