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History Of Dancmusic By Sirius&Darktunes

1)GARY NUMAN"Air Lane"(LP/"Pleasure Principle"/1979)
2)THE NEON JUDEMENT"Schkizophrenic Freddy"(LP/VA/"The Lost Tapes"/MW)
3)DEAD CAN DANCE"Mother Tongue"(LP/"The Serpence Egg"/4AD)
4)HAMID BAROUDI"Caravan To Bagdad"(12" - Version/Down Town)
5)DISCO CIRCUS"Over&Over"(12"/Long Version/1978/Lollipop)
6)LALO SCHIFRIN"Towering Toccata"(LP/1977/CTI)
7)TEDDY PENDERGRASS"The More I Get The More I Want"(Dj S Remix)
8)LENNY FONTANA AND Dj SHORTY"Chocolate Sensation"(12"/ATFC Autobahn Vocal Mix/FFRR)
9)UNKNOWN"African Disco Power"(Sofrito Edit)
10)FLAGRANT FOWL"Crazy"(EP/"Ruffle Yo Featherz"/Cousin Cole´s Sick Mix)
11)JELLY BEAT"Burundi Black Remix"(Single Version)
12)MAN PARRISH"Heatstroke"(12"/VA/Mixed By Bobby Dj Guttadro&Lance Wise/Disconet)
13)TONY CASO"Run To Me"
14)MONTANA"Close Encounters Of The Third Kind"(LP/"A Dance Fantasy"/Tom Moulton Mix/1978)
15)SONYA SPENCE"Let Love Flow On"(Ext. Rework V4YS Edit)
16)AMANDA LEAR"Fashion Pack"(12"/Long Version/1979)
17)THE RITCHIE FAMILY"It´s A Man´s World/Where Are The Men"(LP/"Bad Reputation"/1979/Casablanca)
18)VILLAGE PEOPLE"I Am What I AM"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
19)NATASHA KING"Am - Fm"(12"/Re - Mix By Ben Liebrand/1983/Baby Rec.)
20)KONGAS"Jungle"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
21)BEGAN BEGAN"Computer Wars"(12"/Short Version Mix 1 By Began Cekic/One Way)
22)FESTIVAL"Flying High/Adored"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
23)UNKNOWN(EP/VA/B1/"Disco Biscuit Vol.4")
24)VA"Por Fin Es Viernes 2(Megamix)
25)INGATOR II"Skyscratch/Mano Mano"(2xEP/VA/"Auferstanden Aus Ruinen"/UR Remix/1992/Tresor)

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