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Roots Edition

spotlight on Junior Toots'brand new album "A little Bit Of Love more music from Big Voice "Freedom Is A Must"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Ready To Come Over
Physically Spiritually
Seek The Truth Feat. Sol Atash
A Little Bit Of Love
Ethiopian From Birth
Puss And Dog
Call On Jah
I Believe In You
Tell Them Be Good
If Africa Is Not Free
Only Love
Let's Get Together
All tracks released by Junior Toots taken from the album "A Little Bit Of Love" on Crown of Fire Records

Freedom Is a Must
Live Upright
Save a Precious Moment (feat. Indeed I)
What Are You Living for
Mind Over Matter
Holy Ground
Take My Troubles Away
My Queen
Give Thanks for Life
Too Much Fighting (feat. Headless)
All tracks by Big Voice taken from the album Freedom Is A Must released on UPRIGHT MUSIC LTD