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Roots Edition

Special Guest in the studio: Ghettoman

new album: "Justice" and more music from Ghettoman&The Believers

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Ghettoman - Mama Africa (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman - Peace In Jerusalem (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman - Justice (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman - Oh What A Gwan (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman - You´re My Sunshine (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman - Stop Violence Against A Women (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman - One Love Keeps Us Together (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman - Which Way (Justice/Rica Onda)
Ghettoman feat Colaman - Give Me Love (Promo)
Ghettoman feat Miss T - Can´t Get Me Down (Promo)
Ghettoman feat Miss T - Rasta Love (Promo)
Ghettoman feat Urigreen - Wake Up!(Promo)
Ghettoman - Arise Afrika (Promo)
Ghettoman - Come Home (Promo)
Ghettoman - Comes Around (Promo)
Ghettoman Dirty Babylon (Promo)
Ghettoman - Journey Of Life (Promo)
Ghettoman - Kariwaka Remix (Promo)
Ghettoman - Love And Happiness (Promo)
Ghettoman - Rebel Music (Promo)
Ghettoman - The Going (Promo)
Ghettoman - What We Need (Promo)