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NOW IT´S DARK April Vol.4

1)ROMY HAAG"Flugblatt"(LP/1983/Risiko)
2)TONY PACINO"Fly"(12"/Long Version/1978)
3)RAMONA WULF"Save The Last Dance For Me"(12"/Long Version/
4)SPARKS"Modesty Plays"(12"/VA/Ext.Edit By Jack Cardinal &
James Pallares/1982/Disconet)
5)DEVO"Wiggly World"(LP/"Duty Now For The Future"/1979)
6)LARRY LOEBER"Shivers Up My Spine"(12"/Long Version/1984/
7)JOE SIMON"Love Vibration"/DON RAY"Got To Have Loving"/
To Our Disco"/Mix By Rich Kaczor/1978)
8)KENI ST.LOUIS"Mr.Feel Good"(LP/VA/OST/"Record City"/1977)
9)GARY NUMAN"Complex"(LP+Bonus/"The Pleasure Principle-
30th Anniversary Edition"/Demo Version/Originally1979/
10)VA"Dance On It Ooh You Love It - 3"(12"/Mix By Lex Van
11)ARPEGGIO"Love And Desire/Desire Suite"(LP+12"/VA/
"Passion Tracking Vol.2"/Remix By Simon Soussan/Passion)
12)POLLY BROWN"Bewitched"(12"/Special Dance Remix/1982/BMC)
13)TECHNO FREAKS"The Mega-Mix Of..."(12"/1988/ZYX)
14)GRAUZONE"Raum"(LP/VA/"Swiss Wave-The Album"/1980)
15)KRISMA"Water"(LP/"Clandenstine Anitcipation"/1982)

16)GLADYS KNIGHT"You Bring Out The Best In Me"(12"/Disco
Mix By John Luongo/1979)
17)KANO"Don´t Try To Stop Me"(LP/"New York Cake"/81/Mirage)
18)JON & VANGELIS"The Friends Of Mr.Cairo"(LP/1981)
19)ERA(ELECTRONIC RHYTHMICAL ART)"Heysel Massacre"(12"/Long
20)ENGLISH EVENINGS"Tear You Down"/DIVINE"I´m So Beautiful"
21)AMII STEWART"Jealousy"(LP/"Paradise Bird"/Album V./1979)
22)DOCTOR´S CAT"Feel The Drive"(12"/VA/"Italo Remix Vol.2"/
Trans Europe Mix/1984/HighFashion)
23)"Disco Breaks 7 Part 1"(12"/Mix By Peter Vriends)
24)THREE BU"Seize The Day"(12"/Freedom Remix/1992/Antima)
25)a;GRUMH"Hitoy(Modern Languages)"(LP/"No Way Out"/Face)
26)HIROSHIMA"Never Ever"(LP/1979)

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