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Dancehall Edition

Warm Up For Protoje Concert

Protoje live in WUK in Vienna on October 22nd - don't miss the Show!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Lutan Fyah - Poor Man Privilege (Colonial War Records / Rastar Records)
Natty King - Colonial War (Colonial War Records / Rastar Records)
Warrior King - Redemption Come (Colonial War Records / Rastar Records)
Partiet - Bra Vibe (Kultutpolitik / Nataraj Records)
Partiet - Kulturpolitik (Kultutpolitik / Nataraj Records)
Partiet feat. Promoe - Snäg Upp Dig (Kultutpolitik / Nataraj Records)
Partiet - Hon (Kultutpolitik / Nataraj Records)
Mike Pinto - It Ain't Easy (Truthful Lies / Mike Pinto)
Mike Pinto - Truth Serum (Truthful Lies / Mike Pinto)
Protoje - Kingston Be Wise (The 8 Year Affair / Don Corleon Records)
Protoje - Hold You Now (The 8 Year Affair / Don Corleon Records)
Protoje - Music From My Heart (The 8 Year Affair / Don Corleon Records)

SPECIAL: Rootsman Vibrations At King Jammy$(VP) - 4 Album Pack :
1. Jhonny Osbourne - Folly Ranking
2. Barry Brown - Show Case
3. Hugh Mundell/ Lacksley Castell - Jah Fire
4. Noel Phillips - Youthman Vibrations
Barry Brown - It A Go Dread (Show Case)
Barry Brown - Concious Drad / Show Case)
Barry Brown - Best Things in Life (Show Case)
Jhonny Osbourne - Mr. Marshall (Folly Ranking)
Jhonny Osbourne - Folly Ranking (Folly Ranking)
Jhonny Osbourne - Mr. Walker (Folly Ranking)
Hugh Mundell - Jah Fire (Jah Fire)
Lacksley Castell - Million Miles (Jah Fire)
Lacksley Castell - Black Sheep (Jah Fire)
Noel Phillips - Youth Man (Youthman Vibrations)
Noel Philipps - In The Ghetto (Youthman Vibratins)