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Dancehall Edition

Roots mix

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Clive Field Marshal - Island In The Sun
Lacksley Castell - Milion Miles
Culture - I Tried
Delroy Wiliams - Heathen Valley
Dennis Brown - Storms Are Raging
Horace Martin - King Fi Dem
Jhonny Clarke - Blood Dunza
Junior Murvin - Cool Out Son
King Kong - Rumble Jumble Life
Rob Symeonn - Leaders
Greggory Isaacs / Prince Far I - Uncle Joe / Brother Joe
Twinkle Brothers - Dollars
Triston Palmer - Peace And Love In The Ghetto
The Great Abu - Natty Weep
Alpha Blondy - God Bless Africa
Ras Iba - Don't Talk
Black Uhuru - Nyahbinghi Congo
Winston Heywood - Backbiting
Sinead O'Connor - War
10ft. Ganja Plant - Bass Chalice