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August 2013/II

if its 2 hot ...

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)RICHIE RICH"Salsa House"(12"/Orbital Mix/1989/FFRR)

2)NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED"Love Is In You"(Glenn Rivera

Restructure Mix)

3)LAURA ALFORD"Hold On (Do Your Good Thang)"(12"/

B.O.S.Friday Dub Mix/1998/Westside)

4)SHARON REDD"Love How You Feel"*

5)NuPhonic Feat.CHARVONI"I Wanna Be Your Lover"

(12"/Mad House On King Street Mix/1993/KingStreet)

6)THE PASSENGERS"Hot Leather"*

7)BUT & MEMO"Trapped"(12"/Groove Mix)

8)DISCONNECTION"Dead On The Case"*

9)LIZ STEWART"Love Life"(12"/Clublife/ClassX)

10)LAURA GREENE"Let Me Blow Your Whistle"(12"/Special

Disco Version)

11)TROUBLE FUNK"Pump Me Up"(LP/"Drop The Bomb"/


12)JEANETTE LADY DAY"Come Let Me Love You"(LP/VA/

"Prelude Master Edits 1"/Fingerman Edit)

13)THE RITCHIE FAMILY"Big Spender"(LP/1978/

"American Generation")

14)SORAYA"Soraya Funk"(LP/1978)

15)"Stilove 4 Music"(EP/VA/TrackA1)

16)ELECTRONIC SYSTEM"Back Home"(7"/1977)

17)JESSICA WILLIAMS"Queen Of Fools"(12"/1979/

Original Version/Harem-Passion)

18)PAUL JABARA"Pleasure Island"(LP/VA/"Casablanca

Records & Filmworks Re-Edits Vol.1"/Womack Rework)

19)SENSE"You Cry"(12"/Mixed By Ian Levine/1984/War)

20)A SPLIT SECOND"Vengeance C.O.D."(LP/1993/