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Sendung vom 05.11.2013:

Fleeing intolerance - LGBT Asylum

Being gay, lesbian, bi- or transsexual is nowhere easy. Even countries that call themselves the most „westernized“ or liberal encounter problems when it comes to the social recognition and acceptance of lifestyles that differ from dominant heteronormativity. LGBTIQ-communities all over the world lead an ongoing fight for their basic rights to lead a life as the person they are and to openly act out their sexual orientation.

But there are also quite a number of countries where achieving this still appears to be widely out of reach: As these countries deny that gay rights are human rights and actively persecute and punish gays, lesbians and transsexuals.

In today`s show Radio Stimme wants to explore the problems that gays or transsexuals face when they have to flee their home country because they are being persecuted because of their sexual orientation. As today`s guest we welcome Mr.Nasir, who would have been facing trial in his home country because he is gay and who has been granted asylum in Austria, Petra Sussner, an expert on asylum law and Philip from the counselling centre Türkis Rosa Tipp. The talk will be conducted in English.