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HI-SEAS EPILOGUE – Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation – Marssimulation

Interview with the crew commander Angelo Vermeulen - long version
Vermeulen was isolated with his 5 fellow crewmembers for 4 months as part of a preparation simulation for a human mission to MArs.

The interview circles around the following topics:
What were your greatest challenges and your greatest difficulties?
What would you make different the next time?
How would you prepare differently?
What were your greatest achievements?
What are you personally proud of?
How will this change your personal and professional life?

HI-SEAS Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation Mission:
The NASA Human Exploration & Operations Mission Directorate has identified a number of risks associated with long-term human space exploration. Many of these can be fruitfully investigated in an Earth-bound analog environment – that is, somewhere on Earth that is similar to the target space environment in relevant ways. HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) is a planetary surface exploration analog site at ~8500 feet on the Mauna Loa side of the saddle area on the Big Island of Hawaii. HI-SEAS is funded for its first season of operation by a grant from the NASA Human Research Program, for research focusing on new forms of food and new food preparation strategies for long-term space exploration. This first mission will involve six astronaut-like (in terms of education, experience, and attitude) crewmembers living in the habitat for 120 days under Mars-exploration conditions (e.g. with communication latencies and blackouts, in close quarters, under strict water-use rules etc.). The crew has been selected from over 700 applicants, and the 120-day simulated mission was run from mid of April to mid of August 2013.