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Alexander Kumar gives an insight to daily life in Antarctica

On a hot Viennese summer day in July 2012, Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger talked to Alexander Kumar, currently overwintering at Concordia a joint French-Italian Antarctic research station. You will listen to an excerpt from this interview.
The Concordia Research Station is a permanent all-year research facility on the Antarctic ice cap. Main research fields are glaciology, atmospheric sciences, astronomy and astrophysics, Earth sciences, technology and human biology and medicine. Alexander Kumar is a 29 year old Oxford-trained medical doctor, scientific explorer, photographer and writer, currently researching for the European Space Agency in Antarctica. Right now he is living together with a crew of 13 people in complete isolation in the most extreme and remote place on Earth, with 3 months of total darkness and temperatures up to minus 80 degrees. He gives an insight to daily life at Concordia and talks about his unique experiences.

A radio broadcast by Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger and Verena Holzgethan.

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