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Rebroadcast: FATTA (11/2013)

perambulate sounds from beautiful noise scapes to house

Artists / Song Infos:
the track "fatta" ("get it") originates from a current swedish campaign fatta.nu organized by the female music collective femtastic.se and crossing borders. they want to rise awareness on physical and sexual assaults and they want people to "get it" ("fatta") that sex is about consent. at the same time they want the swedish governmet to thoughen the law on rapists, so not one goes free. an intense song put together from 150 anonymous persons stories on sex that did not happen on their terms.
although the lyrics are in swedish language, we wanted to share this great initiative with you.
and we wanted to remind on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women which will take place on Nov 25th

Ekin Fil http://ekinfil.bandcamp.com/
Klara Lewis http://klaralewis.bandcamp.com/
The Unused Word https://soundcloud.com/the-unused-word
Sonae https://soundcloud.com/sonae
Dra.Wild / Barbara Wild https://soundcloud.com/dra-wild
Sci Fi Sol http://www.scifisol.net/
WEX https://soundcloud.com/wex-1
Jessy Lanza http://jessylanza.com/
Lady Maru https://soundcloud.com/dj-lady-maru

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1) "Fatta" – Cleo & Syster Sol feat. Kristin Amparo och Nasteho (fatta.nu / femtastic.se 2013)
2) "Anything Anywhere" – Ekin Fil / Ekin Fil (self released 2013)
3) "c a t t" – Klara Lewis / Klara Lewis EP (self released 2013)
4) "The Healer" (Acoustic Cover, orig. Badu / Madlib) – The Unused Word (unreleased 2013)
5) "Urban Cruising" – Sonae / Cologne (astrangelyisolatedplace 2012)
6) "Unseen on TV" – Dra.Wild/Barbara Wild / Unseen on TV EP (2013)
7) "303s&Brides" – Sci Fi Sol / Solar Eyes EP (unreleased 2013)
9) "The Road To Samadhi" – Shinedoe / The Road To Samadhi EP (bpitch control 2013)
10) "Ring That Bell" – WEX (unreleased 2013)
11) "Kathy Lee" – Jessy Lanza / Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub 2013)
12) "My Secret" – Lady Maru / My Secret EP (2013)