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Februar III

guests [ESC][ATT]

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

This night we will present U the DJ-Line of [ESC][ATT].
And before we will celebrate Gary Numan!

1)"Telekon Intro"
3)"I Dream Of Wires"(Extended Pure Salvation 2nd Edit)
4)"Conversation"(LP/"Living Ornaments 79")
5)"I Can´t Stop"(10"/Club Mix/1986)
6)"Here Am I"(12"/1984)
7)"My Love Is A Liquid"(Extended Edit)
8)"M.E."(LP/"Living Ornaments 80")
9)"This House Is Cold"(Extended Den´O Edit)
10)"Your Fascination"(12"-Version/1985/OrangeVinyl)
11)"My Shadow In Vain"(Original Den´O Edit Version)
12)"The Machman"(LP/"Replicas"/1979)
13)"Me!I Disconnect From You"(Alan Moulder Mix)
14)"Call Out The Dogs"(12"-Version/1985)

[ESC][ATT] :

1)NANCY FORTUNE & S-Y-D"Discomanic"(Comp/"Crystallised"/2009)
2)ALEK STARK"Elektric Love(Shock by Shock)"(LP/"Highway to Disco"/2002)
3)DEUX"Sex and Trouble"(LP/"Agglomerant"/2006)
4)AUTOMELODI"Digresse"(LP/"Surlendemains Acides"/2013)
5)D.A.F."The Gun"(LP/"Hitz Blitz"/Powder Keg Mix/1989)
6)ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE"Maitre Satori"(LP/"For This is Past"/1983)
7)TRES"Smile on My Face"(7"/1985)
8)AK-47"Stop! Dance!"(7"/1981)
9)CINEMA 90"In Ultra-Violet"(LP/VA/"Genotypes"/2010)
10)DORIC"C.L.A."(LP/"Over Mentality"/2013)
11)FACTORY FLOOR"Lying"(EP/2010)
13)SCHLEIMER K"Hope Deep Inside"(LP/"Wounded Wood"/1983)
14)FLORENCE FOSTER FANCLUB"This Game Has No Name"(LP/"Assymetric"/2012)
15)LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE"En Partance"(LP/"Philosophie"/2002)
16)STREETWALKER"Future Fusion"(LP/"Future Fusion"/2013)
17)MODURETIK"Not Home"(LP/"Jizvy Minulosti"/2013)
18)OHAMA MEETS DIANIA"The Drum"(LP/"Love Only Lasts Awhile"/1986)
20)MING"Hato No Chushin"(LP/"Miso Mix"/Remix/1999)
21)MARTIN DUPONT"Hunted"(LP/"Sleep is a Luxury"/1985)
22)FURTHER REDUCTIONS"Looking at the Walls"(EP/2010)
23)PSYCHE"Prisoner to Desire"(LP/"Unveiling the Secret"/1986)
24)RONNY"Blue Cabaret"(12"/1982)
25)BASKING SHARKS"Diamond Age"(7"/1983)
26)JOHN FOXX"Film One"(LP/"Metamatic"/1980)
27)ARPANET"I - Mode"(LP/"Wireless Internet"/2002)
28)INNERGAZE"In Your Gaze"(LP/"Mutual Dreaming"/2012)

The Mix by [ESC][ATT] will be ready to postlistening on Soundcloud!
We like to thank our guests very much.