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April IV

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)CIRCUIT 7"Video Boys"

2).Y."The End"(EP/"The Dance Of The Illusion"/2014/BurkaForEverybody)

3)MAGIC DE SPELL"The Burned Puppet"

4)DISCO ELEMENTS"Keep On Keep On"(EP/"Vol.1"/1992/Azuli)

5)SA 55"Love Is Blind"

6)LOW FACTOR"I´ll Turn Ego"(LP/"Seizures On A Battleground"/21)


8)TEK JAM & INZEKT"Driver"(EP/RandomAcoustics)

9)RATIONAL YOUTH"Close To Nature"

10)ILLUSTRATION SONORE"Vision & Prayer"(LP/"Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions"/2013/Medical/ClearVinyl)

11)PÜ"Disco Bizarre"(Promo)

12)HARDCORE"I Like John"(2xLP/VA/"XL-The First Chapter"/Punky Mix/1990/XL)

13)POLICE DES MOEURS"Je Serai La Encore"(LP/2013/Mannequin)

14)THE DANCE"Networking The World"(LP/"In Lust"/1981/Statik)

15)BLUNTED DUMMIES"House For All"(12"/J.Acquaviva´s Mix/1993/Definitive)

16)CHIC"Dance Dance Dance(Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah)"(12"/Mix By Savarese/1977/Atlantic)

17)PAUL PARKER"Shot In The Night"(12"/Special Long Version/1983/Megatone)

18)EL COCO"Cocomotion/Love In Your Life/Coco Kane"(12"/Medley/1979/AVI)

19)WALLY JUMP JR.&THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT"She´s Gotta Have It"(LP/"Don´t Push Your Luck"/1988/Criminal)

20)95TH NORTH Ft.SABRYNAAH POPE"Hold On"(2x12"/King Street Beats/1994/KingStreet)

21)UMRIJETI ZA STROJEM"Izvan Struje"(Demo/VA/"Namjerne Grijeske"/2013/Nauk)

22)PARANOID"I Dominate You"(LP/"Strain"/1991/Animalized)

23)POPSIMONOVA"Budi Kakav Sinoci"(LP/VA/"Namjerne Grijeske")

24)FRONT 242"Commando Mix"(LP/"No Comment"/1985/Animalized)

25)FRENCH KISS"Panic!"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

26)VILLAGE PEOPLE"Just A Gigolo/I Ain´t Got Nobody"(LP/"Macho Man"/1978/Casablanca)

27)MICHAEL JACKSON"Rock With You"(Q-Tip Mix)

28)DAWN TALLMAN"Steal Away"(2x12"/House Of Jazz Mix/Chatch22)

29)JANET RUSHMORE"Joy"(12"/Kaoz Gone Insane/ChoiceRecords)