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Everlasting Liberty!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)DIANA ROSS"Love Hangover"(First Take Re-Mix)

2)SATURDAY NIGHT BAND"Touch Me On My Hot Spot"(LP/Come On Dance Dance"/1978/Prelude)

3)FORREST"Feel The Need"(12"/Long Version/1983/DanceRecords)

4)KRAFTWERK"Cybernetik Interspace"(2xLP/"Ultra Rare Traxx 2"/Unreleased Mix)

5)JOHN OZIL"Funky Boogie"(Remix By Pilooski)

6)THE WAKE"Everybody Works So Hard"(12"/Long Version/1984/Factory)

7)JEANS TEAM"Cocktailständer"

8)WALL OF VOODOO"Factory"(LP/"Wall Of The West"/1982/IRS)

9)MARTIN CIRCUS"Ite Missa Est"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

10)CHOCOLAT´S"Roots"(LP/"Senorita Por Favor"/1979)

11)EARTH WIND & FIRE"Fantasy"(12"-Version)

12)MOONLIGHT ORCHSTRA"Anything"(EP/"Zippy Connection Vol.1"/1993/Zippy-Azuli)

13)IGNATIUS JONES"Like A Ghost"(12"/Long Version)

14)HOUSE OF GLASS Ft.JUDY ALBANESE"Love´s Here(At Last)"(2x12"/Kupper´s Vocalicious Dub/1997/Maxi)

15)SILVER CONVENTION"Get Up And Boogie"(12"/Long Version/1975/Midsong)

16)EON"What Is Music"(12"/Original Mix With Notes/1992/VinylSolution)


18)"Casanova"(EP/VA/"D Sco Dust Jap.Vol.2"/RedsoulEdits)

19)TUNDE MASSADO"Viva Disco"

20)KEY TO LIFE Ft.SABRINA JOHNSTON"Forever"(12"/New Heights Swing Mix/1994/SubUrban)

21)BIONIC BOOGIE"Boogie Boo"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

22)FULL SWING"Choices"(12"/Vocal Mix/1993/StrictlyRhythm)

23)VAN LUDWIG ORCHESTRA"Fiddle Away Paganini"(1979)

24)FOREMEST POETS"Reasons To Be Dismal?"(12"/City College Mixes/1990/SBK)