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Juni 2

Bizzare Hot Chairs

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)GRAN"Todd´s Syndrome"(LP/"Chair"/2014/TotallyWired)

2)KAMA SUTRA"Mr.Moogs Brain"(LP/VA/"A Tribute To Some Bizzare Vol.2")

3)BLACK SOUL"Mangous Ye"(12"/A Tom Moulton Mix/1977/Trebol)

4)STANTON MIRANDA"Wheels Over Indian Trails"(LP/VA/"A Tribute To Some Bizzare Vol.3")

5)LAMA"Love Is On The Rocks"/GILLIAN LANE"You Take My Heart Away"(12"/VA/Extended Edits/Disconet)

6)SPANDAU BALLET"Lifeline"(Remix For USA/1983)

7)FEVER"Standing In The Shadows Of Love"(12"/Disco Mix By Marty Blecman & John Hedges/1978/Fantasy)

8)T-CONNECTION"Do What You Wanna Do"(M&M Mix)

9)SYMPHONIC 2000"Hallelujah Hustle"(LP/"Disconcerto/1976)

10)ESPIONAGE"Cabaret"(Extended Version/1983)

11)VICE SQUAD"New Blood"(12"-Version/1983/CherryRed)

12)SKELETAL FAMILY"Alone She Cries"(LP/VA/"In Goth Daze"/Anagram)

13)UNTER ROCK"Alkohol"(LP/"Mach mal Deine Schnauze auf"/NoFun!)

14)THE GADGETS"Kyleaking/Making Cars"(LP/"A Tribute To Some Bizzare Vol.1")*

15)TARON-TREKKA"Trekka´s Mind"(EP/Brut!)

16)HIRNHEIMER"Fortschritt"(LP/VA/"A Tribute To Some Bizzare Vol.1")

17)MAHOGANY"Ride To The Rhythm"(4x12"/VA/"Masters At Work Presents West End Records 25th Anniversary Edition Mastermix")

18)LOLITA STRÄP"Video Screen"*

19)ADAMSKI Ft.SEAL"Killer"(12"/Remix/1990)


21)WRITGHT BROTHERS RFLYING MACHINE"Only If You Want"(LP/1978/Casablanca)

22)THE TWINS"Face To Face (Heart To Heart)"(12"/HotTracksVersion)

23)K.Y.D. & KANGO"High Above"(12"/Liquid People Remix/2001/Estereo)

24)THE GOOD LIFE LTD"I Got It"(Full Version)

25)SYLVESTER"You Make Me Feel(Mighty Real)"(12"/Ultimix/ZYX)