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1)GARY NUMAN"Listen To The Sirens"(LP/"Tubeway Army"/1978/BeggarsBanquet)
2)VICE VERSA"Riot Squad"(LP/"Demo Tapes")
3)MAN MACHINE"Animal"(12"/Primitive Electronic/1991/OuterRhythm)
4)COSMIC HOFFMANN"Space Disco"(Original Version/1978)
5)HOUSE OF FUN"(12"/VA/Megamixxer Bizzee Bee/DMC)
6)BEE GEES"More Than A Woman"(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
7)PET SHOP BOYS"Always On My Mind"(12"/VA/Edit By Dale Williams & Randy Todd/PrimeCuts)
8)COLLIN POTTER"Behind You"(MC/"The Scythe"/1981/ICR)
9)ARAXIS"Araxis Space Ship"(12"/Special Long Version/1978/London)
10)CHRISMA"Thank You"(LP/"Chinese Restaurant"/1977/Re-Issue/MedicalRecords/OrangeVinyl)
11)NOIR DEGOUT"Late Night Cities"(12"/Mix By Stephane Di/2007)
12)ONGAKU"Mihon #3"(12"/1992)
13)THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH"Murder Style"(LP/"The Method To Our Madness"/1984/IRS)
15)PSYCHE"Brain Collapse"(2xEP/"Insomnia Theatre"/1985/NewRose)

16)LA DÜSSELDORF"Ich liebe Dich"(12"/1983/WhiteVinyl)
17)DONNA SUMMER"I Feel Love"(Imaginary Long Version)
18)ILLUSION"Why Can´t We Live Together"(12"/Love & Unity Remix By Danny Rampling/1989/ZYX)
19)URBAN ELECTRO"Synap QZ401"(DjaxUpBeats)
20)LEAGUE OF NATIONS"Fade"(LP/"Music For The New Depression"/AnnaLogueRecords)
21)THE ASPHODELLS"A Love From Outer Space"(Mugwump Remix)
22)PET SHOP BOYS"In The Night"(12"/Extended Version/1985)
23)SILVER CONVENTION"Save Me"(GlennRiveraRestructureMix)
24)GRAN"City Of Ghosts"(LP/"Chair"/2014/TotallyWired)
25)THE BLUE ANGEL LOUNGE"Caught Crow"(Videomix/2014)
26)P.S.CONNECTION"Deep Down Inside"(12"/Track B/19827Targo)