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history in dance

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)AMII STEWART"Jealousy"(Extended Version By FGGK)

2)DEVO"Uncontrollable Urge"(LP/"Q:Are We Not Men?"/1979)

3)CERRONE"Je Suis Music"(Bombardieri Rmx)

4)DEAD OR ALIVE"It´s Been Hours Now"(12"/Long Version/BE)

5)EVELYN THOMAS"High Energy"(Extended Version By FGGK)

6)"The Fighter"(12"/VA/"Amplified"/Promo)

7)DONNA SUMMER"Rumour Has It"(Wen!ng Gossip In The House Mix)

8)VOICE OF THE UNDERGROUND Presents JOIN THREE"Movin On"(12"/Club Mix/1993/CuttingTracks)

9)RYAN PARIS"Dolce Vita"(Extended Version By FGGK)

10)SONS OF SCIENCE"Way Of Life"(LP/VA/"Danza Meccanica Vol.2"/1981-1987/Mannequin)

11)"Magnifique"(9xLP/VA/"The Hot Classics Limited Edition Box Set")

12)DEPRO ART"Young World"(12"/Long Version/1988/ZYX)

13)COMPANION"Living Up To Love"(LP/1981)

14)THE HUMAN LEAGUE"Empire State Human"(Chamber´s Reproduction Mix)

15)808 STATE"In Yer Face"(12"/In Yer Face Mix/1991)

16)THELMA HOUSTON"Don´t Know Why I Love You"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

17)KAREN YOUNG"Hot Shot"(12"/Long Version/1978/WestEnd)

18)SYLVESTER"Do Ya Wanna Funk"(Ken Hirayama Mix)

19)THE LAB RATS"Suzi"(12"/Original Promo)

20)"70´s Y 80´s Disco Mix"

21)RH FACTOR"Glued To The Tube"(12"/Long Version/1982/Broadwalk)

22)VICE VERSA"Stilyagi"

23)JUNGLE LOVE"Love Juice"(EP/1995/S.O.D.)

24)NO MORE"This Was Die modernistische Welt"(LP/"Sisyphus"/2012/Alive)