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Oktober 3


The History of Dance Music by Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)INNER LIGHT"Phantasia"(12"/Long Version/1991/MentalRadio)

2)JARVIC 7"The Prototype"(Extended Mix/1990)

3)AQUARIAN DREAM"You´re A Star"(LP/"Fantasy"/1978)

4)BROTHER & SISTER"Midnight Desire"(12"/Long Version/1979)

5)CAPONE"People"(12"/B.O.P. Lift You Up Mix/StrictlyRhythm)

6)GIORGIO MORODER"E=MC2"(LP/VA/"Casablanca Records & Filmworks Re-Edits Vol.3"/A Jimmy Michaels Mix)

7)N.W.2."The Monster"(12"/Long Version/1995/StrictlyRhythm)

8)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Arabian Knights"(LP/"Ju-Ju"/1981)

9)JENNY GOES DIRTY"Amoreux Solitaires"(12"/Original/2005/KillTheDJ)

10)OPPENHEIMER MK II"Another Nightmare"(EP/VA/"Young & Cold II"/2014)

11)MORAL"Frosty Nights"(LP/VA/"Domestic Landscapes"/Original Cassette Version/1982)

12)PATRICK COWLEY"Man Hunt"(LP/VA/"Patrick Cowley WAD Tribute Vol.3"/Zefsconet Mix)

13)THE B-52´S"Planet Claire"(LP/"Play Loud"/1979)

14)S´EXPRESS"L´Age Du Gateau"(LP/"Original Soundtrack"/1989/RhythmKing)

15)HARVEY SCALES"Rock Your Body"(12"/Long Version/1979/Casablanca)

16)DAVID BOWIE"Rebel Never Gets Old"(12"/Seventh Heaven Edit/2004)

17)1 PLUS 1"My Girl"/BLUEPRINT"Because Of Love"/PRINCE"Just As Long As We´re Together"

(12"/VA/Extended Edit By Lester Temple & Tom Ridgeway/HotTracks)

18)AMANT"If There´s Love"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

19)CYBOTRON"Clear"(12"/Remix By Jose Animal Diaz/1983/Fantasy)


21)MARC BOLAN & T.REX"The Street & Babe Shadows"(LP/"Tanx"/1973)

22)OMD"Pretending To See The Light"(LP/"Peel Sessions 79-83")


24)CABARET VOLTAIRE"Expect Nothing"(LP/"Mix-Up"/1979/Mute)

25)HBO"Come With Me"(2xLP/VA/"The Best Of Italo-Disco Vol.6"/Discomix/1986/ZYX)