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November 3


REMEMBERDANCES! is the special programm to promote the romantic night Vanity Vague dates 22nd at fluc vienna.
this set will include uj latasmod fuzio

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)GARY NUMAN"The Machman"(Den´O Edit)

2)RADIORAMA"Aliens"(12"/Another Version/1986)

3)OPERA MULTI STEEL"Du Son Des Cloches"

4)BOARD OF WISDOM"Over The Hill"(12"/Terrace Mix/1991/Djax-Up Beats)

5)TWICE A MAN"Dance"(1982)

6)ELAINE AND ALLE"The Look Of Love/Love Me Right"(LP/1979)

7)LABELLE"Get You Somebody New"(LP/"Chameleon"/1976)

8)DAVID SINFIELD"Oblique Strategy"(LP/Annalogue Reissue)

9)1/2"This Is The House"(MC/"Reminders"/2014/0.5)

10)JINNY & THE FLAMBOYANTS"I Remember Caminito"(LP/1979/Durium)

11)MALI CARVALLO"Fuego"(12"/Extended Remix/RedVinyl)

12)TRICKY DISCO(2x12"/Ricky´s Tricky Remix/AMusicFactoryMasterMix)

13)AUTUMN"Five Faces"(LP/VA/"Tribute To Some Bizzare Vol.5")

14)ROXY MUSIC"Rain Rain Rain"(LP/"Flesh+Blood"/1980/EG)

15)DORIS JONES"Suddenly I´m Alive/Possessed"(LP/"No Way Out"/1978)

16)V.A."Detroit Is Jacking"(2xLP/VA/"Techno-The New Dance Sound Of Detroit"/The Techno! Megamix/1988)

17)EASY GOING"Medley Mix 1"(LP/"The Best Of..."/1983)

18)LA BIONDA"Deserts Of Mars"(LP/"Bandido"/1979)

19)LIME"Medley"(Remix By DJ Antonio Corrao)

20)SOFT CELL"Insecure Me"(12"-Version/1982)

21)SOLITAIREN EFFEKTEN"Kleines Astronautenmädchen"(10"/2007/EnfantTerrible/WhiteVinyl)

22)YMC"Nu Direction"(LP/Nepenta)