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Biomimetics in space applications

Interview with Julian Vincent

Julian F.V. Vincent is a biologist who has pursued the topic of biomimetics especially in materials science since 1968 when he started his career at the University of Reading, UK. He carried out research and taught as a Professor at Reading and the University of Bath, UK, at the Centre for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies, Department of Mechanical Engineering. He was part time lecturer at the Royal College of Art & Design and Imperial College London until 2010. He has extensive experience in the field and worked in many interdisciplinary contexts, such as mechanical engineering, materials science, architecture, design, creativity, biology, materials, food physics, food texture. He is, and has been, a member of numerous scientific and advisory boards. He cofounded the Centres of Biomimetics in Reading and Bath and is President of the International Society for Bionic Engineering. Currently he is Honorary Professor of Biomimetics at Bath, Special Professor in the Dept. of the Built Environment at Nottingham and Scientific Advisor of the company Swedish Biomimetics 3000.