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Kield van Bommel on Food Printing, part II

Interview with Kield van Bommel on 3d food printing

Kield van Bommel is a researcher and specialist in 3D printed food at TNO in the Netherlands.
TNO is a contract research organization with activities ranging from industrial innovations to healthy living, from transport and mobility to the theme of this generation: Energy.
TNO has been working in the field of additive Manufacturing for over 20 years now

How does food printing work? Why even try to print food? Is the one we grow and eat up until now not good enough? What could be the uses of this technology? Where does it lead in the future?
Kield van Bommel gives insights into this exciting field of research.

For more information about food printing at TNO visit www.tno.nl
and check out Kield van Bommels TEDx Talks

A radio broadcast by Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger and Verena Holzgethan.



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