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nonrandom heat

ripatti & teeth - #3 [ripatti]
moiré - dali's house feat. bones [werk]
imre kiss - belief [lobster theremin]
theo parrish - footwork [sound signature]
murat tepeli - wizards of the lost kingdom [grassroots]
daze - drag ball [lobster theremin]
tessela - butchwax [r&s]
lurka - kmt [black acre]
anno stamm - night out with therese [macro]
primitive world - purple caps [obsession recordings]
perc and truss - van der walk [perc trax]
philipp quehenberger - in sight [editions mego]
efdemin - parallaxis (the borderline state remix) [dial]
terrence parker - it hurts (juju & jordash remix) [midnight shift]
guillaume & the coutu dumont - winning all battles (but still losing the war) [circus company]
hound scales - spahnners (tuff sherm remix)
felicity + mesh - floswords_edit
vvaqrt - purge (karl raymar edit)