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Dancehall Edition

Fresh Vibes From Niyorah And Barrington Levy

This edition features new tunes by Niyorah, Barrington Levy, Collie Buddz, Fyahbwoy and many more.

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Caramelo Criminal - Respetala (General Key Riddim / Oneness Records)
Tippa Irie - Oneness (General Key Riddim / Oneness Records)
Conscious Fiyah - Unity (General Key Riddim / Oneness Records)
Nosliw - Dein, Dein, Dein (General Key Riddim / Oneness Records)
Collie Buddz - It Nice (Jr Blender Production)
Marlon Asher feat. Ras Pilot - One Thunder Bolt (Heat Of The Tropics Music)
Niyorah feat. House Of Shem - Rising Sun (Rising Sun / Denkenesh Records)
Niyorah - Rain Forest (Rising Sun / Denkenesh Records)
Niyorah - Workday (Rising Sun / Denkenesh Records)
Niyorah - War Is Not The Answer (Rising Sun / Denkenesh Records)
Niyorah - Let Love Flow (Rising Sun / Denkenesh Records)
Mark Wonder - Awake (Scrolls Of The Levite / Heartbeat)
Mark Wonder - Look Out For The Signs (Scrolls Of The Levite / Heartbeat)
Mark Wonder - Rebels (Scrolls Of The Levite / Heartbeat)
Fyahbwoy - Medicen Fyahbwoy (Bl4qkfy4h / Fyahbwoy)
Fyahbwoy - General Fyah (Bl4qkfy4h / Fyahbwoy)
Fyahbwoy - 1979 (Bl4qkfy4h / Fyahbwoy)
Fyahbwoy - Hablando De Weed (Bl4qkfy4h / Fyahbwoy)
Barrington Levy - Under Mi Sensi (Accousticalevy / Tafari Records)
Barrington Levy - Here I Come (Accousticalevy / Tafari Records)
Barrington Levy feat. Patrice - Life Is Great (Accousticalevy / Tafari Records)
Barrington Levy - Be Strong (Accousticalevy / Tafari Records)
Rusty Zinn - Angie I Love You (The Reggae Soul Of Rusty Zinn / Rockbeat Records)
Rusty Zinn - She Comes From Nothing (The Reggae Soul Of Rusty Zinn / Rockbeat Records)