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Dancehall Edition

New Artists

We proudly present artists that have never been played on Ackee & Saltfish before: Ras Muhamad, Joggo, Lasai and Roe Delgado.

In addition we will play a few tunes from Mello Mark - you have also the chance to listen to two songs from his brand new album "Roots & Flügel".

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

Ras Muhamad - Salam (Salam / Oneness Records)
Ras Muhamad feat. Mighty Che - All Over The World (Salam / Oneness Records)
Ras Muhamad feat. Uwe Kaa - Barriers & Borders (Salam / Oneness Records)
Ras Muhamad - Good Over Evil (Salam / Oneness Records)
Ras Muhamad - Lion Roar (Salam / Oneness Records)
Lasai feat. Mandinka - Rebel (Rebel / Chronic Ting Records)
Lasai feat. Burning Spectacular - Jah Children (Rebel / Chronic Ting Records)
Lasai - Full Up A Vibez (Rebel / Chronic Ting Records)
Lasai - Police (Rebel / Chronic Ting Records)
Joggo - Come Down (Conscious Love / Joggo Music Productions)
Joggo - Revolution Warriors (Conscious Love / Joggo Music Productions)
Joogo - Take It Slow (Conscious Love / Joggo Music Productions)
Roe Delgado - Mundo Perfecto (Vida / Golden Black Music)
Roe Delgado feat. Alerta Kamarada - Canto A La Vida (Vida / Golden Black Music)
Roe Delgado - La Vida Es Bella (Vida / Golden Black Music)
Roe Delgado feat. Burning Spectacular - Prendemos La Ilama (Vida / Golden Black Music)
Mellow Mark - Weltweit Stasi (Roots & Flügel / MLO)
Mellow Mark feat. Crosby Bolani - Elefanten (Roots & Flügel / MLO)
Mellow Mark - Zurück Zum Roots (Dada Riddim / CRC Music)
Mellow Mark feat. Youngstarr - Alle Eins (Alle Eins (Viva Con Agua Song) / MellowMarkOfficial)
Uwe Banton - Sweet Sativa (Sweet Sativa Riddim / Family Music)
Uwe Banton - Money Fool (Mental War / Al.Ta.Fa.An & Rasta Yard)