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Modern Soul and Rare Groove Classics for an August afternoon cruise

One great pleasure of an August afternoon is the sense of a spell being back in a gentle summer breeze were things like happiness flow and music is everywhere. Still close to the opening of a great time—nevertheless we felt almost back the sweetness with a bitter aftertaste.
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Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

(1) Dom Um Romao; PONTEIO; (06:06) album: Dom Um Romao, Muse 5013 (1972) (Mauricio Smith, soprano sax; Jerry Dogion, alto sax; Joao Donato, piano; Sivuca, organ; Stanley Clarke, bass; Eric Gravatt, congas; Dom Um Romao, drums)

(2) Erasmus Hall; YOUR LOVE IS MY DESIRE; (04:41) album: Your Love Is My Desire, Westbound WB-5000 (1980)

(3) Jo.Boyer; ISABELLE & THE RAIN (Jo.Boyer); (05:29) 12-inch Maxi, JOB Records 102 (1978)

(4) Bill Summers & Summers Heat; EL BARRIO (Bill Summers, Ray Obiedo, Darryl Munyungo Jackson); (05:39) album: Straight to the Bank, Prestige Records (1978)

(5) Clarice Labbe, Charlie Hampton; NO OTHER LOVE BUT YOU; (03:25) album: Clarice swings with Charlie Hampton (1980)

(6) Sidney Barnes; SUMMER SUNSHINE; (03:16) album: Foot Stompin' Music, Parachute Records ‎– RRLP 9009 DJ (1978)

(7) Copeland Davis; MORNING SPRING (Paul Davis, Copland Davis); (03:44) album: Smouldering Secrets, Regalia RMS-5006 (1975)

(8) The Echocentrics; CRESCENT SUN (Adrian Quesada); (02:30) album: Sunshadows, Ubiquity, produced by Adrian Quesada (2011)

(9) Dale Dennard; IF YOU CAN LIVE WITH YOURSELF; (02:28) 7-inch (1979)

(10) Ohio Players; FAR EAST MISSISSIPPI; (04:52) album: Contradiction, Mercury (1976)

(11) Donald Bell; WORLD NEEDS LOVE; (06:22) album: World Needs Love, 12-inch BBI Records ‎– DBC 001 (1988)

(12) Sheree Brown; HAPPINESS FLOWS; (03:54) album: Straight Ahead, Capitol (1981)

(13) Millie Jackson; SUMMER (THE FIRST TIME) ; (05:37) album: Caught Up, Spring (1974)

(14) Blackbyrds; FUNKY JUNKIE (Donald Byrd); (07:01) album: Blackbyrds, Fantasy (1974)