Now it´s dark
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January I

Set me free!
Set me free!

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)UDO JÜRGENS"Ich weiß was ich will"(12"/Long Version/1979)

2)PADO & CO"You Keep Me Hangin´On/Cliff Hanger"(LP/1978/Malligator)

3)GRACE JONES"Walking In The Rain"(12"-Remix/1981)

4)INVASION USA"Invasion N.Y.C."(12"/1992/PrivateBeats)

5)CHERYL LYNN"Star Love"(Digital Visions Re-Edit)

6)KINGS OF TOMORROW"Changes"(12"/WhiteLabel)

7)THE SPINNERS"Cupid/I´ve Loved You"(DV)

8)MARTHA WASH"Runaround"(12"/Master Dub/1993)

9)KELLY MARIE"Feels Like I´m In Love"(DV)

10)DEEP BROS. Ft.FONDA RAE"Get Into You"(12"/Deep Bros.Vocal/1998/Coalition)

11)CHIC"Le Freak"(DV)

12)PEOPLES CHOICE"You Ought To Be Dancin´"(12"/Gamba Peoples Club Mix/OneStepMusic)

13)TEMPEST TRIO"You Keep Me Hanging On/Love Chains"(LP/1979/Marlin-TK)

14)RAY PARKER JR."The Other Woman"(12"-Version/1982)

15)MAN 2 MAN"Sex Symbol"(12"/Lust-O-Rama Mix/Recca)

16)A TASTE OF HONEY"Boogie Oogie Oogie"(DV)

17)MIKE MAREEN"Dancing In The Dark"(12"/Galactica Remix/NightNDay)


19)LINEA ASPERA"Eviction"(LP/2012/DarkEntries)

20)PASSION"Dancing And Romancing"(LP/1980/Prelude)

21)MIGUEL MIGS"Up In Smoke"(EP/"The Fog City"/Mig´s & Jelly´s Groove/Zebra)

22)LAX"All My Love"(DV)

23)MAITAI"History"(12"/Special Dance Mix By Rutger Kroese/1985/CNR)