Now it´s dark
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January IV


dark history of dancedystopia

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)FIRE TO THE STARS"Deluxer"(LP/2014/Bleak)

2)NINA BELIEF"Exile Queen"(10"-EP/"System Of Belief"/2009/NoEmbBlanc)

3)THROBBING GRISTLE"A Debris Of Murder"(LP/"Assume Power Focus")

4)VISIONS Ft.MAGIC JUAN ATKINS & DIANNE LYNN"Is This Real?"(2x12"/Submission Underground/1992/Flying)

5)CORPS NOIR"Kurzes Glück"(EP/Promo/2012)

6)ARITMYA"Parabolic"(12"/Hypnotic Version/1992/Calypso)

7)JAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS"Everyone´s An Asshole But Me"(LP/"Deviation"/1995/Rebel)

8)BAUHAUS"Dive"(LP/"In The Flat Field"/1980/4AD)

9)PINS AND NEEDLES"Asylum"(LP/2005)

10)AZUL Y NEGRO"The Night"(LP/"Digital"/Album Version/1983)

11)BRIGADE ROSSE"Alles ist eins"(LP/"Entzauberung der Welt"/2012)

12)DAVE BALL"Life Of Love"(LP/"In Strict Tempo"/1983/SomeBizzare)

13)THE FALL"Totally Wired"

14)LEE GENESIS"Ya Can´t Seperate Me(I´m Determined)"(2x12"/Club Mix/1994/SubUrban)


16)TONI BASIL"Suspence"(12"/Dub Version By John Luongo/1984)

17)MAGAZINE"The Lights Pour Out Of Me"(LP/"The Complete Peel Sessions")

18)THE FOG"Been A Long Time"(2x12"/Mr.Marvin Bassline Dub/1993/Downtown)

19)MILLENIUM"Paeng"(LP/Track 6/1992)

20)VÄR"Begin To Remember"(LP/"No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers"/2013/ScaredBones)

21)VOLTAGE CONTROL"Outer Space Odyssey"(Part V/B1)

22)MOSKWA TV"Generator 7/8"(12"/Track A/Westside-Promo)

23)DEAD OR ALIVE"Brand New Lover"(12"/VA/Disconet Remix)

24)LENE LOVICH"Sleeping Beauty"(LP/"Stateless"/1978/Stiff)

25)UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE"The Final Frontier"(1991)

26)808 STATE"Deepville"(12"/1988)

27)ZE DARK PARK"Strange Planes"(Cold Mix)

28)ABC"Many Happy Returns/Tears Are Not Enough"(LP/"The Lexicon Of Love"/1982)

29)SISTEMA"El Problema"

30)NEON JUDGEMENT"TV Treated"(LP/Re-Issue/Originally1982/DarkEntries)

31)THE CURE"Love Song"(Art Of Mix)

32)MUZO Vs.BARISH TURKER"Adequate Medication"(12"/"Friendly Match"/2004/RedFlagCollection)