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April 2 "Lick it Superman!"

The History and promoting "Ab - Stieg musik unter grund"

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)BUZZIN CUZZINS FEAT. ROMANTHONY"Let Me Show You Love"(12"/Approach The Temple/1994/UMD/Azuli)
3)LISA STANDFIELD"The Line"(12"/Black Science Magical Vocal/1997)
4)BARRY WHITE"Cant Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe"(Lp/"Cant Get Enough"/1974/20th Century)
5)ELKIE BROOKS"The Rising Cost Of Love"(Lp/"Live And Learn"/1979/A&M)
6)QX-I"I Want Hurt You(I Swear)"
7)TYNE MOUTION"Heartstop"(Add. Prod. Steve Algozino)
8)RAMMING SPEED"When You Walk In The Room"(Ext. Dance Edit By Rob Kimbel/Hot Tracks)
9)WOW/BOBBY O"Magic Man(Young Man)"
10)GRAN"KDT"(Lp/"Chair"/2014/Totally Wired)
11)AMANDA LEAR FEAT. ELVIS PRESLEY"Fever"(Wen!ngs Tribute)
12)ARIEL"Sea Of Beats"(12"/Most Bodacious Mix/1991/Creed)
13)GEORGE FENTON"Mobile Unit" (Extented Mix/1980)
Ab - Stieg Music Unter Grund Playlist:
15)NINA HAGEN"Superboy"(Live/1978)
16)THE BLUE ANGEL LOUNGE"Caught Crow"(Videoversion)
17)BAUHAUS"Telegram Sam"
18)THE VAPORS"Turning Japanese"(1980/Top of The Pops)
20)T.B.C."Way U Move"(Lp/VA/"Jack Master VI"/Mixed By Spero Pagos/1991/Dj International)
21)NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED2Just Be Yourself"(New Version)
22)LECTRIC WORKERS"Robot Is Systematic"(12"/VA/Remix By Steve Algozino/Hot Tracks)
23)DISCODEATH"Modern Dance"(Lp/2013/Kernkrach/NoEmb)
24)CELI BEE & THE BUZZY BUNCH"Superman"(12"/VA/Lois Multiple Orgasm Mix By Stephen L. Freeman/Hot Classics)
25)GARY NUMAN"Sister Surprise"(Lp/"Worriors"/1983/Beggas Banquet)
26)KAREN FINLEY"Lick It"(12"/Original/Normal)
27)MECO"Maintitle Theme From Superman"812"/Long Version/1979/RCA)
28)TOYAH"Remember"(Lp/"Love Is The Law"/83/Safari)
29)THE WALTER MURPHY BAND"Midnight Express"(Lp/"A Fifth Of Beethoven"/1976/Private Stock)
30)IDRIS MUHAMMAD"Boogie Boots"(12"/Long Version/1979/Fantasy)
31)MAX N SPECS"Dont Come Stoned And Dont Tell Trude!"(12"/Long Version/1980/CNR)
32)MARTINA"Central Park"(12"/Remixed By Roy B & Jim Chopper Chon/1981/Brass Records)