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To Save The Human Race

Italodisco, synthwave, house

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)ASSOCIATES"A Girl Named Property"(LP/"Fourth Drawer Down"/1981/Situation2)
2)KLAUS NOMI"Keys Of Life"(LP/1981)
3)SYLVESTER"Sooner Or Later"(12"/Razormaid Remix/1987/ZYX)
4)DETROIT EMERALDS"What´s The Deal"(LP/"Let´s Get Together"/A Tom Moulton Mix/1978/Westbound)
5)DEBBIE HARRY"Backfired"(12"-Version/1981)
6)COLLEEN HEATHER"On The Run"(2x12"/Mix By Walter Gibbons/"Heartbreaker"/1979/WestEnd)
7)FPI PROJECT"Everybody(All Over The World)"(12"/Dub Version/1990/ZYX)
8)ULTRA NATE"Is It Love?"(12"/Club Mix/1991)
9)HERB ALBERT"Beyond"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
10)SPANDAU BALLET"To Cut A Long Story Short"(7"/Version/1980)
11)RONI GRIFFITH"(The Best Part Of)Breakin´Up"*
12)THE PHONE"Jonni"(LP/"Songs For This Nuclear Age"/2012/Attractive)
13)MICHAEL JACKSON"Rock With You"(Alternative Multitrack Mix)
14)CAPPUCCINO"San Francisco"*
15)MIRAGE"Just One More Chance"(12"/Long Version/1985)
16)ARPEGGIO"Let The Music Play"*
17)MARTINELLI"Cenerentola(Cinderella)"(12"/Long Vocal/1985/Chic/ClearGreenVinyl)
18)BIG IN JAPAN"Suicide A Go Go"(LP/"Y-Z Never Again")
19)GINA X PERFORMANCE"Babylon Generation"(LP/"Voyeur"/1981)
20)CARRIE LUCAS"Dance With You"*
21)GAZ NEVADA"I.C.Love Affair"(12"/Italian Version)
22)AURRA"Checking You Out"(12"/Long Version/1982)
23)MICHOACAN(EP/"Dancefloor Deconstruction"/Track B/2005/ HeadingPhone)
24)BAL PARE"Die Hunde sind los"(LP/"Metamorphose"/Originally1986)