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April IV

wave, techno, house, disco

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)VIRGIN PRUNES"Bau Dachong"

2)MYSTIQUE"What Would The World Be Without Music"(LP/1977/Curtom)

3)EON"Inner Mind"(12"/Club Mind/1990/VinylSolution)

4)CHRIS WESTBROOK"Take Me Away"(2x12"/Bam Bam´s StringsNThings Mix/1996/Dreambeat)

5)DEPECHE MODE"Pleasure Little Treasure"(N-Nertia´s Edit)

6)FINGERS INC."Mystery Of Love"(12"/Club Mix/DJInternational)

7)EASTBOUND EXPRESSWAY"Never Let Go"(LP/Mix By Rick Gianatos/1979/AVI)

8)DJ PIERRE"Get On The Floor"(12"/Ext.Version/1991/ItalianStyle)

9)"Acid Burn"(LP/VA/"Acid Burns London"/1988)

10)THE TONS O´FUN"Make Someone Feel Happy Today"(LP/1980/Fantasy)

11)MARY GRIFFIN"Without You"(12"/Pete Lorimer Club Mix/2002/Curb)

12)DISCO DANCE CLASSICS VOL.2(12"/Ben Liebrand Summer Mix/Streetheat)

13)THE MICHAEL ZAGER BAND"Life´s A Party"(LP/1978/PrivateStock)

14)M."Pop Muzik"(12"/Long Version/1979)

15)NEON"Lobotomy 2"(EP/"Obessions"/1982/MaterialiSonori)

16)I/II"I Am The Detonator"(Bonus-LP/PreviouslyUnreleased)

17)A GUY CALLED GERALD"Humanity"(12"/Ashley Beedle´s Love & Compasion/2000)

18)KOMIKO"Feel Alright"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

19)BOOKA SHADE"City Tales"(12"/Neon Dub/2008/GetPhysical)

20)ROYAL FLASH"Grab Your Sexy Baby"(1980)

21)THE ART OF DANCE"My Name Is Barbarella"(2xLP/"Barbarella"/1992/Harthouse)

22)KIM FIELDS"He Loves Me He Loves Me Not"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

23)RATIONAL YOUTH"Just A Sound In The Night"(EP/1983)

24)THE BILALIAN EXPRESS"Disco Nights"(1976)