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History of Dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)I/II"Let´s Call It A Day"(EP/"Earthquakes Usually Come Around At Night"/2015/TotallyWired)
2)RED BLOOD"Soul Frankenstein"(1976)
3)CRISS SOURCE"Retrospective"(12"/MauritiusRecords)
4)BIDDU"Passage To India"
5)MONE"We Can Make It"(2x12"/D´s Lab O Lurv Dub/1995/StrictlyRhythm)
6)THE MOOD"The Munich Thing"(1982)
7)TOY SHOP Ft.ANITA KELSEY"Million Miles"(12"/David Sun´s Millionth Mix/2004/Critical)
8)KELLY MARIE"Love Trial"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
9)SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"This Wheels On Fire"(12"/Incendiary Mix/1987)
10)MASTERMIND"Happy Music"(1981)
11)DOUBLE X"Ungleich ist die Welt"(EP/VA/"Ungleich 2"/Intergrale)
12)I/II"I Am The Detonator"(LP/"Reminders Retrospective"/0.5)
13)DEVINE MASTERS"Cause I Need You"(12"/Babe Mix/1991/NuGroove)
14)JAPAN"Quiet Life"(LP/"Assemblage"/1980)
15)MERLEEN ALLEN"These Emotions"(12"/Lee & Livinstone´s Club Mix/1995/CenterStage)
16)ANDROMEDA ORCHESTRA"West Coast Lady"(Special Disco Mix)
17)DJAIMIN"On The Door"(12"/DJ N-Joy´s Tony´s Guest List Mix/SlipNSlide)
18)BOBBY O Ft.CLAUDJA BARRY"Whisper To A Scream"(Re-Remixed Version)
19)WILSON PICKETT"Groove City"(12"/Long Version/1979)
20)PRINCE"Head"(Split-12"/Original Version/Unreleased)
21)CITI"Heart Attack"(LP/"Roller Disco"/1979/De-Lite)
22)LA FLAVOUR"Mandolay"(RJT DJ Remix)
23)SHANNON"Give Me Tonight"(12"/The Philly Jump Mix/1990/ZYX)
24)TEDDY PENDERGRASS"The More I Get The More I Want"(Dimitri From Paris Superdisco Blend)
25)DR.EXX BAND"Panic On Planet K"(LP/"Superman And Other Disco Hits"/1979/Pickwick)

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