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Juni I disco wave

"But The Boogie Doesn´t Believe In Me!"
this title is programm
events - 4.6. "astra" wien elektro gönner
- 5.6. "escape" wien club u
- 6.6. "subzone" wien down under

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)THOMAS DOLBY"Fantasmagoria"(12"/OST/"Gothic"/1987)

2)GROUP RHODA"Virtual Dance"(LP/"Out Of Time-Out Of Touch"/Promo)

3)KLEIN & MBO"Dirty Talk"(12"/USA Connection-Long Version/1982/Zanza-RamsHorn)

4)GRACE JONES"Slave To The Rhythm"(LP/Version 2/1985/ZTT)

5)D-SHAKE"Yaaah"(12"/Freestyle Club Mix/1990/GoBang!)

6)KILLING JOKE"Dominator"(LP/"Fire Dances"/1983/EG)

7)NIGHT MOVES"Transdance"(12"/New York Disco Mix/1983)

8)RONNIE JONES"What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted"(12"/A John Robie Mix/Personal)

9)JOY DIVISION"The Kill"(2xLP/"Still"/1980/Factory)

10)MADLEEN KANE"Ecstasy"(12"/Long Version/1985/TSR)

11)SS TIL"Efekt"(LP/VA/"Jescze Mlodsza Generacija"/1985)

12)A2L"Come On"(12"/Yellow Love Instr.Mix/1989/Boy)

13)JULIAN JONAH"Welcome To The Disco"(EP/"Volume 1"/1992)

14)BRAINSTORM"Lovin´Is Really My Game"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

15)EDDIE DRENNON"It Don´t Mean A Thing"(LP/1978/Casablanca)

16)HYPP & KRIMSON"Desperanza"(1990)

17)LOVE AND KISSES"Beauty And The Beast"(LP/"How Much How Much I Love You"/1978/Casablanca)


19)THE KNIGHTMEN"Running"(12"/Keep Busy Original Mix/1993/StrictlyRhythm)

20)M´BAMINA"Atido O Sika"(1978)

21)LUC RINGEISEN"Les Trombonnes Du Caire"(EP/VinylClub)

22)TERRY CLAYTON HILL"Shakin´All Over"(Instrumental/1982)

23)VAN McCOY"Soul Cha Cha"(7"/1976/H&L)

24)SUNNY GALE"I Wanna Know"(1975)

25)DONNA SUMMER"The Donna Summer Medley"(12"/VA/Megamix By Mike Carroll & Steven Von Blau/Disconet)

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