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Juli II

History in dancemusic promoting events
12.6. Abstieg musik untergrund AU Wien 1160 Brunnengasse 76

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)ABBE"Over The Rainbow"(Lp/"Rainbow"/1980/Butterfly)
2)Hot Chocolate"Disco Queen"(Lp/"XIV Greatest Hits"/1975)
3)The Force Dimention"Lasergunn"
4)Toyah"Ieya"(Lp/"The Blue Meaning"/1980/Safari)
5)Glass Candy"Bronson Theme Song"
6)Black Egg"Ancient Methods"(12"/Pogo im Säurebad Pural Mix)
7)Foxy"Hot Number" (gr)
8)Hazle O`Conner"Dawn Chorus"(Ep/French Version/1981/Albion)
9)Black Fantacy"Evil Places"(1984)
10)The Techno Orchestra"Let There Be Neon"(Lp/"Casualtease"/1982/Famous Gnomes)
11)The Children"Freedom"(Underground House)
12)Queen&David Bowie"Under Pressure"(12"/Club 2000 Mix)
14)Mixmaster"Pump it up homeboy"(Lp/VV/"Jack Master 3"/DJ International/Westside)
16)Trax - X"Phunky"(12"/Original Mix/1998/Re - Load)
17)Sharah"Love Cinema"
18)Julie White"Girl Keep On Dancing"
19)Animal Trainer"Jungle Fever"(12"//Lexy Remix/Hive Audio)
20)Freddie Mercury"I Was Born To Love You"(Extended Ver)
21)Ortin Can&Charles Bells"Machine Code"(12"/Basmooy Remix/2009/Roots)
22)Al Musci"Love Tonight"
23)The Supermen Lovers"Dance With You"(2xLp/"The Player"/2002)
24)Peter Nikys"Computer Love"
25)Z - Formation"Frenzy"(Ep/"Brutal"/1991/Hi - Bias)
26)Man 2 Man"One Touch Of Heroes"(Long Version)
27)Ultimate"Music In My Heart"
28)N/A"Variance IV"(12"/Regisedit/2009)
29)Love Committe"Where Will It Ends"
30)Van Dross RX
31)Soul City Orchestra "Soul City Drive"