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July I Keep That Body Strong

promo zur veranstaltung astra am 2.7. im elektro gönner

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)BRIAN ENO"Alternative 3"(LP/"Music For Films"/1978/EG)

2)JOHN FOXX"Running Across Thin Ice With Tigers"(LP/"The Golden Section"/1983)

3)THOMAS DOLBY"Hyper-Active!"(12"/Heavy Breather Subversion/1983)

4)DEVO"Blockhead"(LP/"Duty Now For The Future"/1979)

5)YOKO ONO"Kiss Kiss Kiss"(Peaches Remix)

6)DIE FORM(LP/"Corpus Delicti"/Track B1/SPV)

7)ADAM USI"Réumah"(Promo/2015/Young&Cold)

8)TAYLOR DAYNE"Tell It To My Heart"(12"/House Of Hearts Remix/1987)

9)BEE GEES"You Should Be Dancing"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

10)SYLVESTER"Over And Over"(12"/Special Disco Mix/1977/Fantasy)

11)LOLA KUMTUS"The Art Of Avoidance"(2015)

12)DANIELLE DAX"Cat-House"(12"/1988/Awesome)

13)NOVVA FALLA"Hokaido Rhapsody"(Promo/2015)

14)DIRT"Palm Full Of Pork"(LP/"She-Male Sugarpussy"/1990)

15)PURE GROUND"Centuries In Gold"(LP/"Standard Of Living"/Sleepless)

16)GABI DELGADO"Amor"(12"/Full Length Version/1982)

17)PURE GROUND"The Glory Of Absence"(LP/"Standard Of Living")

18)HEX"Monks On Fire"(12"/Instrumental/1994/DeepSouth)

19)SYLVIA LOVE"Extraterrestrial Lover"(12"/Ext.Disco Version/1979)

20)DEAD OR ALIVE"That´s The Way(I Like It)"(12"/Extended Version/1984)

21)NO MORE"The Man Outside"(LP/"Silence & Revolt"/2015/RentADog)

22)THE ADVENTURES OF STEVIE B."Jealousy"(12"/Nice And Stoned Club Mix/1995)

23)SYLVESTER"The Mega(Tone)Medley"(9xLP/VA/"The Hot Classics Limited Edition Box Set")

24)SHEILA E."A Love Bizarre"(12"/Parts 1&2/1985)

24)SILVIA"Wintergarten"(LP/"Cola B"/1982)

25)LOVE IS COLDER THAN DEATH"For One Ludwig F."(LP/"Teignmouth"/Fast Version/1991/RoughTrade)

26)RATIONAL YOUTH"Beware The Fly"(LP/"Cold War Night Life"/1982)

27)KATHY BROWN"Give It Up"(12"/Promo)

28)BAL PARE"Venuszepter"(FlexiPop)

29)THE NEW YORK DOLLS"Jet Boy"(LP/1973)

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