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History of dancmusic

Die Textzeile "The World Is My Oyster" stammt aus der Nummer "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" auf der gleichnamigen Doppel LP
von Frankie Goes To Hollywood. (1984 ZTT)Die beiden Frontmänner Paul Rutherford und Holly Johnson verfolgten später Soloprojekte. Promo für den Event FRENCH CRISP 10.7. Club U

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)SUNSHINE OF THE WORLD"Ouverture"(1978)

2)CHIP E INC Ft. K.JOY"Like This"(LP/VA/"The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago Vol.3"/Ext.Mix/DJInt.-BCM)

3)G.O.L."Soma Holiday"(12"/1996)

4)FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD"Welcome To The Pleasuredome"(2xLP/Full Album Version/1984/ZTT)

5)PORNO POP"Say Hello To Porno"(LP/VA/"A Tribute To Some Bizzare 11")

6)BLACK MAGIC"Let It Go"(12"/Rascal Beats/1997/StrictlyRhythm)

7)PLEASE"Flaming Lady"(1976)

8)B.T.EXPRESS"Heart Of Fire"(LP/"1980"/Roadshow)

9)ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL"Automatic 1"(1983)

10)"Broadway"(12"/Mix Medley)

11)SOMA HOLIDAY"Shake Your Molecules"(1984)

12)TRICKY DISCO(12"/Original Long Version/1990/Warp)

13)HYPNOSIS"Pulstar"(12"/Long Version/1983/ZYX)

14)"80ies Story"(Medley 1/Ultimix)

15)THE BIKINI MACHINE"Name Of The Game"(EP/VA/"The Total Destruction Remixes"/Vectron Mix/2001/Forte)

16)KAREN FINLEY"Lick It"(12"/Tongued On The Beach Mix)

17)EASY GOING"Fear"(12"-Mix By Jellybean/1980/Importe12)

18)DURAN DURAN"Sound Of Thunder"(Night Edit)

19)DAVID BOWIE"Always Crashing In The Same Car"(LP/"Low"/1977)

20)THE RITCHIE FAMILY"The Best Disco In Town"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

21)PROPHET 5"Invasion Of The Techno Snatchers"(2xLP/VA/"From Our Minds To Yours"/1991/+8Records)