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August II "searching for some company"

The History of dancemusic by sirius&darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)DANIEL DeLUXE"Star Eater"

2)CHANTAL CURTIS"Get Another Love"(12"/A Glen Black Mix/1979/Key)

3)VISAGE"Beat Boy"(LP/Album Version/1984)

4)THE SWEET"Burn On The Flame"(2xLP/"Strung Up"/1975)

5)"Ghostdance"(LP/VA/"New Beat - A Belgian Dance Revolution"/Surprise Mix)

6)MICKEY OLIVER"Pump Up The Beat"(2xLP/VA/"Jack Trax-The Fifth Album"/1988)

7)DILLINGER"Disco Freak"(7"/1981/A&M)

8)DILLINGER"Supercock"(LP/"Funky Punk"/1979)

9)LIME"Medley-Relime-D"(12"/Special Remix By Emil Noordhoek/1984)

10)L.A.TICO´S"Welcome To The Club"(12"/Tico´s Groove Dub/1996/StrictlyRhythm)

11)MINIMAL MAN(BABY FORD)"Consexual"(12"/1993)

12)TWILIGHT 22"Siberian Nights"(12"/Dub Version/1984/Vanguard)

13)LACK OF SENSE"Tribanatura"(Razormaid Mix)

14)MONGO SANTAMARIA"Watermelon Man"(12"/Special Disco Version/1979)

15)WINGS"Goodnight Tonight"(12"-Version/1979)

16)APOLLONIA 6"Ooo She She Wa Wa"(LP/1984)

17)TAPESTRY"Life Is What You Make It"(Discomix)

18)M-D-EMM"1666-Ooh Baby I´m So Hot"(EP/"Playin With Fire"/Pyro-Maniac Mix/1988/Republic)

19)TECHNIQUE"(Looking For Someone To Love)Tonight!"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

20)YAZZ"Stand Up For Your Love Rights"(12"/The Stadium Disco Mix By Coldcut/1988/BlowUp/OrangeVinyl)

21)BRONSKI BEAT"Hit That Perfect Beat"(Instant Mix)

22)SOULSEARCHER"Feelin Love"(12"/Vocal Mix Part 1/SoulfuricDeep)

23)YAZOO"Don´t Go"(Razormaid Mix)

24)GANG OF FOUR"To Hell With Poverty"(LP/"Solid Gold"/1981)

25)NITZER EBB"Murderous"(Razormaid Mix)

26)ART OF NOISE"Bright Noise/Flesh In Armour"(EP/"Into Battle"/1983/ZTT)

27)DOXA SINISTRA"Entomorbide"(MC/"Viva Del Latte"/1982/Trum)

28)LEROY GOMEZ"Gipsy Woman/Gipsy Love"(LP/1978/Casablanca)
29)MIAMI SOUND MACHINE"Body To Body"(LP/"Primitive Love"/1985)
30)ILLUSTRATION SONORE"Our Bodies"(LP/"Undisciplined Strips Of Emotions"/2013/Medical)
31)THE HECKER"Planet 89"(12"/"Art Et Industries"/2006/Different-PIAS)
32)LaTOUR"People Are Still Heaving Sex"(12"/Mark`s Missionary Mix/1991/Smash)

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