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August III The wind in my hair

History of dancemusic by sirius&darktunes
Clubculture between 1978 - 1995 (mostly)

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)EDNAH HOLT"Serious Sirius Space Party"(12"/Party Version By Kenton Nix/1981/Westend)

2)MICHELE FREEMAN"Find The Fire"(12"/Long Version/A Jim Burgess Mix/1979)

3)LESLIE O´HARA"Figaro Baby"(LP/"Gipsy Boy"/1978/Crocos)

4)E.G.FULLALOVE"Didn´t Know(Divas To The Dancefloor Please)"(12"/Junior´s Factory Mix/1994/E-Motive)

5)SOFT CELL"Soul Inside"(BBC-Sessions/1981)

6)TOUCHE"Wrap It Up"/STEEL MIND"Bad Passion"/THE CREATURES"Kid Robot Dance"/CAPRICORN"I Need Love"/JOKER"Germany"


7)HEAVEN 17"Let Me Go"(Razormaid Mix)

8)EON"Light Color Sound"(12"/Bin Tee Club Mix/1988/VinylSolution)

9)WAYNE COUNTY & THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS"Berlin"(LP/"Things Your Mother Never Told You"/1979)

10)CHAIN REACTION"Dance Freak"(12"/Long Version/SoundOfNewYork)

11)JAMIE PRINICPLE Presents RAVEN"It´s My Pussy"(12"/Electric Bleu Mix/1994/Freetown)

12)BLAZE PROJECT"Fantasy"(12"/Klubhead Dub/ShelterRecords)

13)ALLEZ ALLEZ"The Time You Cost Me"(LP/"Promises"/1982/B.E.F.)

14)ODOS 55"Attikh Biktapia"(Live Version)

15)SPACE TRAX VOL.3"Deduction"(EP/String Mix/1991)

16)CHIC"Chic Cheer"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

17)CUT TO SHOCK"Put That Record Back On"(12"/Turntable Dub Trax/BCM)

18)KELUAR"Panguna"(The Hacker Remix)

19)BARBARA TUCKER"Stay Together"(12"/Funky Piano Mix/1995/StrictlyRhythm-Positiva)

20)ZEIT ECHO"Puls der Zeit"(2015)

21)CABARET VOLTAIRE"Yashar"(12"/The All Seeing I Rmx/2003/NovaMute)

22)BLIND VISION"Don´t Look At Me"(Razormaid Mix)

23)KIBU"Solid Air"(3xLP/VA/"The Secret Life Of Trance Vol.6"/1995/RisingHigh)

24)KING SPORTY & THE EXTRAS"Do You Wanna Dance"(12"/Ext.Version/1983)

25)FRANKIE BONES"And The Break Goes Acid"(LP/"Bonebreaks Vol.2"/1988/Underworld)

26)CHERYL LYNN"Shake It Up Tonight"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

27)ALEC R.COSTANDINOS"The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"(12"/Disco Remix By Rusty Garner/1978/Casablanca)