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August IV

"Can´t Help Myself!" - The History in Dancemusic
by Sirius&Darktunes

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:

1)DAVID BOWIE"Golden Years"(The Reflex Steams ReVision)

2)NORMA LEWIS"Give Me Back My Heart"(EP/VA/Mix By Nolin Davis/1984/Passion-Unidisc)

3)DUSTY SPRINGFIELD"That´s The Kind Of I´ve Got For You"(Purrfection Remix/Orig.1978)

4)OPPENHEIMER MK II"Line Of Sight"(12"/2015/FalcoInvernaleRecords)

5)TANGERINE DREAM"One Night In Space"

6)THE WHISPERS"Up On Soul Train"(LP/"Imagination"/1980/Solar)

7)THE ROLLING STONES"Miss You"(DJ S Bonus Beat Ext.Remix)

8)10 BC"Love Generator"(2xLP/VA/"Cultural House"/1993/CulturalVibe)


10)SHALAMAR"Take That To The Bank"(12"/Unidisc Remix/Solar)

11)THE EMOTIONS"I Don´t Wanna Lose Your Love"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

12)THE SKINNERS"Shoo Shoo Train"(7"/1976/Prom)

13)THE COMMODORES"Machine Gun"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

14)MIDNIGHT SHIFT"Tunnel Vision"(12"/Remix By Anthony Stephens/1987/TopRecords)

15)FRANKIE VALLI"Swearin´To God"(Digital Visions Re-Edit)

16)MODERN ROCKETRY"The Right Stuff"(12"/Dub Version/1983/Megatone)

17)DILEMMA"Feel The Beat"(Version 1)

18)SUBJECT"What Happened To You?"(2xLP/VA/"Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.2"/Orig.1982/MW)

19)IT´S OFFICIAL"We Are Responsible"(12"/1988/Subway)

20)MASTER GENIUS"Let´s Break"(12"/1983/BreakRecords)

21)CLIT"Keine Probleme Marlene"(1989)

22)THE BEATMASTERS Ft.P.P.ARNOLD"Burn It Up"(12"/Original Long Version/1988/RhythmKing)

23)BILDPLATTE"Deux Au Touche"(Demo Mix/2015)

24)CLUB 69"Let Me Be Your Underwear"(12"/Hot Pants Underground Club/1992/FFRR)

25)CLASS INFO"Cut Of Line"(1983)