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September II

"This Is Sick!"

1)DEPECHE MODE Vs. GENESIS"Mama In Chains"(Dizzy Fugu Mix)

2)PLANET X"I Won´t Dance"(LP/VA/"Gold On Black"/The X Mix/1990/FFRR)

3)LIME Vs.CAROL JIANI"HitNRun Lover Meets Agent 406"(Aussie Cowboy Mix)

4)LIBERTY CITY"That´s What I Got"(12"/The Dirty Dub/1995/TribalUK)

5)ANTIDOLDI"Artificial"(Demo Version/2011)

6)FLAGRANT FOWL"Crazy"(EP/"The Ruffle Yo Featherz"/Cousin Cole´s Sick Mix)

7)HARRY THUMAN"Underwater"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

8)TONY BENNETT"Music"(EP/"The Tony B"/1995/StrictlyRhythm)


10)BLASS Ft.DJ RIDE"Roadrunner"(EP/VA/SoundlabEntertainment)

11)BRUCH"Heart And Soul"(LP/VA/2015/TotallyWired)

12)STEFAN BRAATZ Vs.LADY B"It Isn´t Easy To Be Jack!"(12"/Lady B Pump Collector Mix/2006/Adapter)

"Burning Like A Flame..."

13)GIORGIO"If You Weren´t Afraid"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

14)MIKE OLDFIELD"Family Man"(LP/"Five Miles Out"/1982)

15)N-CHTBTTE"Sempre Gomma"(MC/VA/"MDMB"/2015)

16)PAUL PARKER"Desire"(12"/Hi Energy Re-Mix/1984/Injection)

17)LIZ & LASZLO"Rien A Paris"

18)THE NY MODELS"Love On Video"(LP/VA/"The Best Of Bobby Orlando Productions"/ZYX)

19)ABBA"Dancing Queen"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

20)OFF"Bad News"(LP/"Organisation For Fun"/Album Version/1988/ZYX)

21)JOUTRO MUNDO"Roller Shake"

22)THE PASSAGE"Shave Your Head"(LP/"For All And None"/1981)

23)FLESH DISORDER"Legacy"(LP/VA/"Twist The Past Vol.2"/2015/AtSeaComp.)

24)PEOPLE LIKE US"Reincarnation"(12"/A Cut Above Mix/DMX-JDC)

25)TOM WAITS"Going Out West"(LP/"Bonemachine"/1992)

26)Gary Numan"Crash" (Extended Salvation)
27)RELEVATION"First Power" (Original Mix/1990/R&S)
28)DATA"Romy Haag"
29)Lil Tony"Employee Only" (2009/Running Back)
30)Ministry"Revenge" (7" - Version)