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Oct. II The NRG i feel

history in dancemusic

Playlist / Zusatzinfo:


1)RICHARD H.KIRK"This Is The H-Bomb Sound"(LP/"Black Jesus Voice"/1986/RoughTrade)


3)AMBASSADOR OF LOVE"A Love Song"(2xLP/VA/"Warparty"/1990/Warlock)

4)KEY TO LIFE Ft.SABRINA JOHNSTON"Forever"(12"/New Heights Swing Mix/1994/SubUrban)

5)THE HAPPIER HUNTING GROUND"In The City"(EP/1985/AnythingBut)


7)OUTRAGE"Drives Me Crazy"(12"/Junior Boy´s Own)

8)NO MORE"Silent Revolt"(LP/2015/RentADog)

9)"Don´t You Ever Stop"(12"/Track A1/1994/BigBigTrax)

10)PURE GROUND"The Glory Of Absence"(LP/"Standard Of Living"/Sleepless)

11)GRACE JONES"Love On Top Of Love"(Split-12"/Ultimix By Bradley D.Hinkle)

12)PSYKOSONIK"Silicon Jesus"(3xLP/VA/"Wax Trax Black Box")

13)INNER CITY"Good Life"(12"/Mayday Club Mix/1988)

14)DURAN DURAN"Friends Of Mine"(Catbird Version)

15)JULIAN JUMPIN´PEREZ Ft.CONNIE V"Jack Me Till I Scream"(12"/Bad Boy Mix/DJInternational)

16)LEVEL 42"The Chinese Way"(John Luongo Ext.Remix)


18)MANMACHINE"Meaning Is Blackmail"(Promo/2014)

19)THE GLOVE"The Orgy"(LP/"Blue Sunshine"/1983)

20)KAREN POLLAK"You Can´t Touch Me"

21)FINGERS INC."Can You Feel It"(12"/Spoken Word:Dr.Martin Luther King Jr./1988/JackTrax)

22)MUNICH MACHINE"In Love With Love"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

23)THE POETS"I Gotta The Move"(EP/"N.Y.C."/1993)

24)DEPECHE MODE"Everything Counts"(Absolut Mix/1989)

25)KENNY JAMMIN JASON Ft.PARIS GREY"Don´t Want It"(12"/Club Mix/JackTrax)

26)NAO KATAFUCHI"Hidden In Your Eyes"(LP/"Yumegoto"/2012)


28)MISSION CONTROL"In Your Soul"(12"/Build Up Dub/1994/DeepSouth)

29)BIONIC BOOGIE"Dance Little Dreamer"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)

30)PRINCE DRED Ft.BUNNY SIGLER"Are You A Freak(Like Me)?"(12"/Yoshua IZ Remix/2003/BlackVinyl)