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Oct. IV Night Club Queen

1)GRACE JONES"Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In NYC"(12"/A Tom Moulton Mix/1978)
2)BLACK BLOOD"Aie A Mwanna"(Long Version)
3)NINA HAGEN"New York/N.Y."(12"/New York Transformed Mix By Ben Liebrand)
4)PASSION"In New York"(12"/Long Version/1979/Prelude-RamsHorn)
5)ILLUSION"Why Can´t We Live Together"(12"/Love & Unity Re-Mix By Danny Rampling/1989/ZYX)
6)JOE LONG Ft.PAT HODGES"Fly By Night"(LP/OST/"Love At First Bite"/A Richie Rivera Midnight Mix/1979/Parachute-Casablanca)
7)PATTI AUSTIN"Reach"(12"/Club Mix)
8)CODEK"Tim Toum"(Jakes Afro Remix)
9)THE MICHAEL ZAGER BAND"Let´s All Chant"(12"-Version/1978/PrivateStock)
10)SARAH DASH"Lucky Tonight"(Glenn Rivera Restructure Mix)
11)SIMONE"Hey Fellas"(12"/Hey Dub Mix/1992/X:Treme-StrictlyRhythm)
12)JAMES WELLS"True Love Is My Destiny"(12"/Long Version/1978/AVI-Unidisc)
13)JIMMY JAMES & THE VAGABONDS"Now Is The Time"(LP/1976)
14)DURAN DURAN"Notorious"(Latin Rascals Mix)
15)THE CARLOS SANCHEZ MOVEMENT"Love And Respect"(12"/Paul´s Respect Mix/1997/MaxiTracks)
17)KERRI KAOZ CHANDLER"It´s You"(12"/Kaoz Dub/1996/KingStreet)
18)FANTASTIQUE"Mama Told Me"(GR)
19)TIEFSCHWARZ"Damage #1"(12"/Tiefschwarz Dub/2006/Fine)
20)RICHARD WAHNFRIED"Time Actor"(1979)
21)SPARQUE"Let´s Go Dancin´"(4x12"/VA/"Westend 25th Annniversary Edition"/Masters At Work Remix)
22)MAN MACHINE"John Wayne"(LP/"Almost Better Than Silence"/2015)